Cesare Canevari

Cesare Canevari (13 October 1927 - 25 October 2012) was an Italian actor, director and screenwriter.

Cesare Canevari
Born13 October 1927 (1927-10-13)
Milan, Italy
Died25 October 2012 (2012-10-26) (aged 85)
Milan, Italy

Life and career

Born in Milan, Canevari began his career shortly after World War II as a stage actor, occasionally also appearing in films in minor roles.[1] Variously referred to as "a genius ahead of his time",[2] "a master of genre cinema"[2] and "one of the less labelable directors of Italian genre cinema",[3] he directed nine films between 1964 and 1983.[4] Often characterized by an unusual style, his films ranged through different genres, including noir, Nazisploitation, Spaghetti Western, giallo and melodrama.[2][3][4] His films generally were produced and shot in Milan.[3][4]

Selected filmography


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