The Ceratobatrachidae are a family of frogs[1][2] found in the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, the Philippines, Palau, Fiji, New Guinea, and the Admiralty, Bismarck, and Solomon Islands.[1]

Ceratobatrachus guentheri
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Clade: Ranoidea
Family: Ceratobatrachidae
Boulenger, 1884
Type genus
Boulenger, 1884

5, see text.




Ceratobatrachidae was formerly treated as a subfamily (i.e., Ceratobatrachinae) in the family Ranidae (true frogs), but have now been re-classified as a separate family. The following genera are recognised:[1]

  • Subfamily Alcalinae Brown, Siler, Richards, Diesmos, and Cannatella, 2015
  • Subfamily Ceratobatrachinae Boulenger, 1884
  • Subfamily Liuraninae Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2010

Formerly, the following genera were also recognized in the family Ceratobatrachidae, but have now been merged into the genera above.


Ceratobatrachidae is distributed across Island Southeast Asia,[3] as well as in the Eastern Himalayas.

Genus Liurana
Genus Alcalus
Genus Platymantis
  • Philippines:
Genus Cornufer

Life history

All Ceratobatrachidae lay eggs outside of water and undergo direct development where eggs hatch directly into froglets, without free-living tadpole stages.[4]


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