Central Prince, Prince Edward Island

Central Prince is a rural municipality within Prince County in Prince Edward Island that was incorporated on September 28, 2018 through an amalgamation of two municipalities. The municipalities that amalgamated were the rural municipalities of Ellerslie-Bideford and Lady Slipper.[1]


The population of the Rural Municipality of Central Prince was 1,112 in Canada's 2016 census, which is a down from 1,162 in the 2011 census.[2][3]

Name Former
2016 Census of Population
Change Land area
Ellerslie-BidefordRural municipality1977348 357 −2.5%20.816.7/km2
Lady SlipperRural municipality1983764 805 −5.1%112.46.8/km2
Total former municipalities 1,112 1,162 −4.3% 133.2 8.3/km2


The Rural Municipality of Central Prince is governed by an interim council comprising an interim mayor (Rod Millar) and six interim councillors. [1] The first election for a mayor and six councillors is scheduled for November 5, 2018.[1]


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