Central Fighter Establishment

The Central Fighter Establishment was a Royal Air Force formation that dealt with the development of fighter aircraft tactics. It also tested new fighter aircraft and equipment. It also dealt with the training of squadron and flight commanders.[1] It was formed on 1 October 1944 as part of No. 12 Group RAF, and was disbanded on 1 February 1966.[2]


Commanding Officers and the years they held this appointment[2]
Year(s) Name
1945 Air Commodore Richard Atcherley
1945–1948 Unknown
1948–1950 Air Commodore David Atcherley
1950–1953 Air Commodore W J Crisham
1953–1954 Air Commodore Geoffrey D Stephenson
1954–1957 Air Commodore John Grandy
1957–1958 Air Commodore E L Colbeck-Welch
1958–1962 Air Commodore Hughie Edwards
1962–1964 Air Commodore Geoffrey Millington
1964–1966 Air Commodore E W Tacon


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