Centenary Gentlemen football

The Centenary Gentlemen football team represented the Centenary College of Louisiana. The school's teams were known as the Gentlemen or 'Gents'. They have not competed in football since 1941.[1] It last competed as a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

Centenary Gentlemen
First seasonc. 1909
StadiumCentenary College Stadium
Field surfaceGrass
LocationShreveport, Louisiana
Conference titles2
ColorsMaroon and White


The school fielded several makeshift teams for the 1894, 1895, and 1896 seasons. In 1898, the school's Board of Trustees banned intercollegiate athletic participation. This ban was instituted due to large losses in football to Louisiana State University that resulted in two Centenary players being hospitalized. In 1901, the ban was eased to allow the college to field a baseball team. Intercollegiate competition at the school was fully restored with the school's move to Shreveport in 1908[2] The 1927 team coached by Homer H. Norton was one of the school's best ever teams,[1] posting an undefeated 100 record.

Centenary fielded a college football team until 1941. The Centenary football team was discontinued for the duration of World War II due to budget deficits, and declining fan interest. An attempt to reinstate the football program was halted in 1947.[1]


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