Cedric Dawe

Cedric Dawe (1906–1996) was a British art director. He worked on the set design of over sixty films during his career, spending many years working for ABPC at the company's Elstree and Welwyn Studios. He was praised for his realistic designs for Lance Comfort's 1947 film noir Temptation Harbour.[1] Towards the end of his career he also worked in television, as art director on series such as Colonel March of Scotland Yard, Department S and The Saint.

Cedric Dawe
Born2 June 1906
Died10 February 1996
Chartridge, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
OccupationArt director
Years active1933-1970 (film & TV)

While employed at Elstree in the 1930s, he along with Duncan Sutherland and Peter Proud worked under the direction of Clarence Elder.[2]

Selected filmography


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