Cave of Mayrières supérieure

The Cave of Mayrières supérieure (French: Grotte de Mayrières supérieure, English: Upper Mayriere Cave) is an archaeological site near Bruniquel, Tarn-et-Garonne, France, which contained two prehistoric cave paintings of bison until they were erased during an attempt to remove modern graffiti by members of the Eclaireurs de France, a French scouting association.[1][2] The act earned them the 1992 Ig Nobel Prize in Archaeology.[3]

Cave of Mayrières supérieure
Grotte de Mayrière supérieure
Location in France
Cave of Mayrières supérieure (France)
Alternative nameUpper Mayriere Cave
Locationnear Bruniquel
RegionOccitanie, France
Coordinates44°2′22″N 1°41′3″E


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