Catherine Jacob (actress)

Catherine Jacob (born 16 December 1956) is a César Award-winning French film and theatrical actress.

Catherine Jacob
Catherine Jacob at the Lumières Awards 2015 ceremony
Born (1956-12-16) 16 December 1956
Years active1980–present


She won the César Award for Most Promising Actress for her role in Life Is a Long Quiet River (1988), and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Tatie Danielle (1990), Merci la vie (1991) and Neuf mois (1994). She has won one César Award on four nominations. She has been two-time president of the Lumières Award. She is known for her voice and her charisma.

1980–1987: beginning

Born in Paris on 16 December 1956, Catherine Jacob spent part of her childhood and adolescence in Compiègne, where she was educated at primary school and then Pierre d'Ailly high school. Her father was a dental surgeon and her mother an orthodontist. She has a younger brother.

After obtaining a diploma in architecture,[1] Catherine Jacob moved to Paris. From 1978 to 1980, she studied acting at the Cours Florent, then located on Saint Louis Island.

She started to act in the early 1980s as an extra in movies like Swann in Love by Volker Schlöndorff (1984), Les Nanas by Annick Lanoë (1985), State of Grace by Jacques Rouffio (1986) and Malady of Love by Jacques Deray (1987). She also appeared in TV movies and TV series like Dickie-roi by Guy Lefranc, Toutes griffes dehors by Michel Boisrond, Julien Fontanes, magistrat, Marie Pervenche, Sentiments and Qui c'est ce garçon ? by Nadine Trintignant in minor roles.

In 1985, she wrote and play in her first a one-woman show, called Welcome to the club, directed by Rémi Chenylle and tracing eleven portraits of characters too sure of themselves. She appeared in a festival with her show and continued to perform it in 1986.

1988–1997: César and success

In 1988 she played Marie-Thérèse in the cult film Life Is a Long Quiet River by Étienne Chatiliez. The movie was a huge success and Jacob won the César Award for Most Promising Actress.[2] She also performed in the TV miniseries Le vent des moissons alongside Annie Girardot. This same year she and Jacques Bonnaffé also had a huge success with the play Paris-Nord - Attractions pour noces et banquets. It was planned to be just for 10 nights, but thanks to the success the play continued for three years.

In 1989, she continued her tour with the play Paris-Nord - Attractions pour noces et banquets. She got a supporting role in Les Maris, les Femmes, les Amants by Pascal Thomas, with Jean-François Stévenin and Michel Robin. She performed in two TV movies: L'été de la révolution with Bruno Cremer and Brigitte Fossey and Le vagabond de la Bastille by Michel Andrieu. She also appeared in one episode of the TV series Imogène with Dominique Lavanant.

In 1990, she ended her tour with the play Paris-Nord - Attractions pour noces et banquets after three years. She appeared in the second movie of the director Étienne Chatiliez, Tatie Danielle with Tsilla Chelton, Isabelle Nanty and Karin Viard. It was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. The movie was again a big success at the box office, well received by the critics and became a cult movie. Jacob was nominated for the César Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In 1991, she starred in The Imaginary Invalid by Molière, directed by Hans-Peter Cloos at the Théâtre national de Chaillot. She performed in Merci la vie by Bertrand Blier, alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anouk Grinberg, Michel Blanc, Jean Carmet, Annie Girardot, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Gérard Depardieu. Jacob was nominated for her third César Award for Best Supporting Actress. She appeared in My Father the Hero by Gérard Lauzier, with Gérard Depardieu, Marie Gillain and Charlotte de Turckheim. She was also in the short Contes à rebours, directed by Gilles Porte.

In 1992, she star in two new plays: Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry, directed by Roland Topor at the Théâtre national de Chaillot, and Chambres by Philippe Minyana, directed by Hans-Peter Cloos at the Théâtre Paris-Villette. She played Rose in La Fille de l'air by Maroun Bagdadi, with Béatrice Dalle, Hippolyte Girardot and Jean-Claude Dreyfus. She also performed in Bella vista by Alfredo Arias, with Wadeck Stanczak. Jacob was in three shorts, Tout petit déjà by David Carayon, O mon amour with Artus de Penguern and Cocon by Martin Provost.

In 1993, she starred in the successful La Soif de l'or by Gérard Oury, with Tsilla Chelton and Christian Clavier. She appeared in the short Stella plage with Dominique Pinon and in the TV movie L'Éternel Mari by Denys Granier-Deferre, with Roger Hanin and Macha Méril.

In 1994, she played Dominique in the cult film Neuf mois by Patrick Braoudé, with Daniel Russo. Jacob was again nominated for the César Award for Best Supporting Actress. She had the leading role in Les Braqueuses by Jean-Paul Salomé, with Clémentine Célarié and in Oh God, Women Are So Loving by Magali Clément, with Mathieu Carrière. She performed in the TV movie Le jardin des plantes by Philippe de Broca, with Claude Rich. She also started in a new play written and directed by Victor Lanoux, called Drame au Concert with Roland Giraud. She and Lanoux didn't get along at all, and she called him a "filthy guy" and "a shithead" and was forced by her contract to do 130 representations. She recall the experience as "a nightmare" and regretted having accepted the role since she had to refuse the role of "La Pinthade" in Chantecler directed by Jérôme Savary with who she will later work with[3].

In 1995, she performed for the third time with director Étienne Chatiliez, in the big success Happiness Is in the Field, alongside Michel Serrault, Eddy Mitchell, Sabine Azéma and Carmen Maura. She was also in the TV movie Les maîtresses de mon mari with Marie-Christine Barrault.

In 1996, she came back to the theater with Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by Molière, directed by Jérôme Savary, at the Théâtre national de Chaillot. She played the diva Carla Milo in Les Grands Ducs by Patrice Leconte, with Jean-Pierre Marielle, Philippe Noiret, Jean Rochefort and Michel Blanc. She starred in the movie Oui by Alexandre Jardin, with Dany Boon, Jean-Marie Bigard and Claire Keim, and in Let's Hope it Lasts with Ticky Holgado and Gérard Darmon. She was in two shorts: Un bel après-midi d'été by Artus de Penguern and Ultima hora with François Berléand. She also made two TV movies, Sur un air de mambo by Jean-Louis Bertucelli, for which she became the first French woman to win the Golden Goblet Award for Best Actress, and Barrage sur l'Orénoque with Elizabeth Bourgine and Georges Corraface.

In 1997, she was in Messieurs les enfants, with Pierre Arditi, François Morel, Zinedine Soualem and Michel Aumont, in XXL by Ariel Zeitoun, with Michel Boujenah, Gérard Depardieu, Elsa Zylberstein, Emmanuelle Riva and Gad Elmaleh, and in La ballade de Titus with Jean-Claude Dreyfus and Antoine Duléry. She also had the leading role in two TV movies: Maintenant ou jamais with Daniel Russo, Samy Naceri and Chantal Lauby and La vie à trois with Aurélien Recoing.

1998–2011: television and festival

In 1998, she performed in Let There Be Light by Arthur Joffé, an ensemble comedy. She was in three TV movies: Théo et Marie with Véronique Jannot, Qui mange qui ? with Julien Guiomar and Maintenant et pour toujours with Marisa Berenson, Marlène Jobert and Agathe de La Boulaye. She also appeared in one episode of Chercheur d'héritiers with Bernadette Lafont.

In 1999, she performed in the TV movie Fleurs de sel with François Berléand and Frédéric Pierrot. She appeared in one episode of the TV series Marc Eliot, directed by Josée Dayan. She came back to theater after 3 years, with The Miser by Molière, directed by Jérôme Savary at the Théâtre des Célestins. She was invited to present an award at the 13th Molière Award.[4]

In 2000, she started a tour in France with The Miser by Molière. She starred in Le coeur à l'ouvrage, with Mathilde Seigner and Amira Casar. She had the leading role in two TV movies: La Double Vie de Jeanne with Micheline Presle and Christine Citti, and Les faux-fuyants, with Arielle Dombasle and Nicolas Vaude. That same year, she also walked up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival.[5]

In 2001, she had the leading role in the movie J'ai faim !!!, directed by Florence Quentin, with Michèle Laroque. The movie was shown during the Yokohama French Film Festival, in Japan. She starred in the movie God Is Great and I'm Not with Audrey Tautou, Édouard Baer, Julie Depardieu, Philippe Laudenbach and Thierry Neuvic. It was screened at the Seattle International Film Festival. She was also in the short, La concierge est dans l'ascenseur, with Michel Vuillermoz, Omar Sy and Fred Testot.

In 2002, she performed in the TV movies La torpille, with Pierre Cassignard and the sequel of Qui mange qui ?, called Qui mange quoi ?, directed by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld. Jacob also gave her voice to the animated TV miniseries Corto Maltese, with Richard Berry, Patrick Bouchitey and Marie Trintignant. That year, she also walked up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival.[6] She was invited to the 27th César Awards to present an award, to the Monte-Carlo Television Festival[7] and to the Monaco International Film Festival.[8]

In 2003, she appeared in Who Killed Bambi?, directed by Gilles Marchand, with Sophie Quinton, Laurent Lucas, Yasmine Belmadi, Valérie Donzelli and Joséphine de Meaux. The movie was screened at the Cannes Film Festival,[9] the Toronto International Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival and some others. She starred in two TV movies: L'adieu, with Thomas Jouannet, Mélanie Doutey, Gilles Lellouche, Jean Benguigui, and Cécile Cassel, and L'île atlantique by Gérard Mordillat. Jacob was member of the jury to the Festival international du film fantastique de Gérardmer, presided by William Friedkin[10].

In 2004, she was in The First Time I Turned Twenty by Lorraine Lévy, with Marilou Berry, Serge Riaboukine, Pierre Arditi, Raphaël Personnaz and Michel Vuillermoz. The movie was presented to the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the San Diego Jewish Film Festival and the Women Make Waves Festival. She had a role in the animated short La Méthode Bourchnikov with Lorànt Deutsch, Dieudonné M'bala M'bala and Daniel Prévost. The short was presented to the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival and several others. It was nominated for the César Award for Best Short Film. She performed in the third and last of the TV movies following Qui mange qui ? and Qui mange quoi ?, named Qui mange quand ?, directed by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld. She also starred in the TV movie Joe Pollox et les mauvais esprits with Pascal Légitimus and Laurent Lafitte and in the TV miniseries Colette, une femme libre directed by Nadine Trintignant, with Marie Trintignant and Lambert Wilson. She began a new TV series, Clara et associés directed by Gérard Marx, with François Berléand and Antoine Duléry.

In 2005, she starred in Quartier V.I.P. by Laurent Firode, with Johnny Hallyday, Pascal Légitimus, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, François Berléand and Jean-Claude Brialy. She had roles in three TV movies: Une vie by Élisabeth Rappeneau, with Wladimir Yordanoff and Barbara Schulz, Louise, with Huguette Oligny and Désiré Landru with Patrick Timsit and Danièle Lebrun. She also appeared in one episode of the TV series Vénus & Apollon with Zinedine Soualem and Maria de Medeiros. She was a member of the jury of the 16th Valenciennes Film Festival[11] and she was invited to the Marrakech International Film Festival.[12]

In 2006, she was in Dikkenek with Jean-Luc Couchard, Dominique Pinon, Marion Cotillard, Mélanie Laurent, Jérémie Renier, Florence Foresti and François Damiens and in Les Aristos by Charlotte de Turckheim, with Jacques Weber, Urbain Cancelier, Armelle, Victoria Abril and Rossy de Palma. She starred in four TV movies: Comment lui dire by Laurent Firode, Mes parents chéris with Adriana Asti and Michel Aumont, L'enfant d'une autre with Arly Jover and Olivier Marchal and Le Soldat rose with Matthieu Chedid, Louis Chedid, Alain Souchon, Vanessa Paradis and Francis Cabrel. She also appeared in the TV miniseries Le Cri with Francis Renaud, Jacques Bonnaffé, Dominique Blanc, Yolande Moreau and François Morel. She was a member of the jury of the 20th Cabourg Film Festival.[13] She also walked up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival during the premiere of Marie Antoinette.[14]

In 2007, she came back to the theater after seven years of break with the play Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare by Rémi de Vos, directed by Éric Vigner, at the Théâtre du Rond-Point. She was in the short Kozak, directed by Olivier Fox, with Fred Testot. She was invited to present two awards during the 32nd César Awards.[15] She was also on the stage for the Victoires de la Musique with the band of Le Soldat Rose to sing. She was invited to give the Prix Cine Romen alongside Claude Lelouch and Pierre Lescure.[16] She also walked up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival during the premiere of Ocean's Thirteen.[17]

In 2008, she started in a new play, Célibataires by David Foenkinos, directed by Anouche Setbon, at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. She starred in the drama Behind the Walls, directed by Christian Faure, with Carole Bouquet, François Damiens, Michel Jonasz, Guillaume Gouix and Pascal N'Zonzi. It was the movie premiere to the City of Lights, City of Angels Festival. She performed in 48 heures par jour by Catherine Castel, with Aure Atika, Antoine de Caunes, Victoria Abril, Bernadette Lafont and Aurore Clément. She also had the leading part in the TV movie La Maison Tellier, directed by Élisabeth Rappeneau, with Bruno Lochet and Sophie Quinton. She was a member of the jury of the 15th Festival international du film fantastique de Gérardmer.[18] She was invited to the third ceremony of the Raimu of Comedy.[19]

In 2009, she appeared in the short L'arbre à clous, directed by Fabrice Couchard and presented to the Brussels International Independent Film Festival, and she gave her voice on one episode of the TV series Eliot Kid. She was invited to the 23rd Molière Award to present the Best Supporting Actress with Michel Vuillermoz.[20] She was invited to give the Prix Cine Romen for the second time, alongside Patrice Leconte and Jean-Pierre Marielle.[21].

In 2010, she played Chantal in Thelma, Louise et Chantal, with Jane Birkin, Caroline Cellier, Thierry Lhermitte, Michèle Bernier, Alysson Paradis and Micheline Presle. The movie premiered to the Alpe d'Huez Film Festival[22] and was also screened during the Edinburgh International Film Festival. She starred in Streamfield, les carnets noirs, with Bernard Le Coq, Jean-Pierre Castaldi and Pierre Arditi. She had roles in two TV movies: Notre Dame des Barjots with Zabou Breitman and Pierre Cassignard and He's the One... Or Not with Delphine Chanéac and Sagamore Stévenin. For the third time, she was invited to give the Prix Cine Romen alongside Marie-Anne Chazel and Jean-Loup Dabadie.[23] She was a part of the ceremony at the Culture Ministry in Paris honoring her friend Daniel Russo.[24] She was a member of the jury during the 10th Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival.[25]

In 2011, she performed in Roses à crédit, directed by Amos Gitai, with Léa Seydoux, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Pierre Arditi, Arielle Dombasle, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Florence Thomassin, André Wilms, Ariane Ascaride and Elsa Zylberstein. The movie was presented at the Toronto International Film Festival, the São Paulo International Film Festival and the Morelia International Film Festival. She starred in the horror movie Livid directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, with Félix Moati, Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Béatrice Dalle. The movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was presented in many festivals like the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival, the Fantastic Fest and the Screamfest Horror Film Festival. She appeared in three TV movies: Gérald K. Gérald by Élisabeth Rappeneau, with François Morel and Armelle, Le Grand Restaurant II with Line Renaud and Le client with Gérard Darmon, Laurence Arné and Claudia Tagbo. She was invited to the Chaumet's Cocktail Party for Cesar's Revelations 2011 where she supported Arthur Dupont,[26] and a couple weeks later she was invited to the announcement of the nominees.[27] She was a member of the jury during the 16th International Film Festival of young directors with Myriam Boyer, Virginie Efira and Stéphane Brizé.[28] She also host the 50th Gala des Artistes[29].

2012–present: theater, television and cinema

In 2012, she performed in two TV movies: À dix minutes des naturistes directed by Stéphane Clavier, with Lionel Abelanski, Christine Citti and Macha Méril and La Baie d'Alger, screened at the Alès Film Festival, directed by Merzak Allouache, with Biyouna, Jean Benguigui and Michèle Moretti. She also appeared in three episodes of the TV series Victoire Bonnot, with Valérie Damidot. She was chosen to preside at the 17th Lumières Awards.[30] She also walked up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival during the premiere of Moonrise Kingdom.[31]

In 2013, she was back in theater with a tour after five years, in Le voyageur sans bagage by Jean Anouilh, directed by Alain Fromager and Gwendoline Hamon. She starred in two TV movies: Je vous présente ma femme, directed by Élisabeth Rappeneau, with Michel Robin and Les Vieux Calibres with Danièle Lebrun, Michel Aumont, Roger Dumas and Jean-Luc Bideau. She had two recurring roles in two TV series: Vive la colo ! with Virginie Hocq, Titoff, Julien Boisselier and Luce for four episodes and La Famille Katz with Julie Depardieu and Serge Hazanavicius for six episodes. She also made an advertisement for LCL S.A.[32] She was invited to the 53rd Monte-Carlo Television Festival[33] and to the 15th Festival of TV Fiction at La Rochelle.[34]

In 2014, she played two supporting roles in two movies: L'Ex de ma vie with Géraldine Nakache and Kim Rossi Stuart, and Lili Rose with Mehdi Dehbi. She also starred in the TV movie Tout est permis, directed by Émilie Deleuze, with Judith Chemla. She appeared in a couple of episodes of Scènes de ménages, playing the daughter of Marion Game and Gérard Hernandez's characters. She has also shot advertisements for Canalsat.[35]

In 2015, she starred in two TV movies: Lettre à France directed by Stéphane Clavier, with Julie Ferrier and Merci pour tout, Charles with Charlotte de Turckheim and Claudia Tagbo for France 2. She also appeared in two episodes of the TV series Nos chers voisins for TF1. Catherine Jacob was also on stage with Madame in which she played a prostitute who tells her memoirs. She was alone on stage and her performance was hailed by critics.[36] She also performed Elles se croient toutes Joly with other actresses in a tribute show to the comedian Sylvie Joly. In April, she read on stage some letters of the Royallieu-Compiègne internment camp's deportees.[37]

In 2016, she appeared in Joséphine s'arrondit directed by Marilou Berry. She also starred in three TV movies: Murders at Avignon, with Lætitia Milot for France 3, Baisers cachés with Patrick Timsit, and 3 Mariages et 1 coup de foudre with Helena Noguerra and Mylène Demongeot for France 2. In the theater, she appeared in L'impresario delle Smirne written by Carlo Goldoni, with Nicolas Vaude. She also joined the TV show Conseil d'indiscipline, broadcast on Paris Première and hosted by Jean-Louis Debré for which she was a columnist for a couple of shows. In April, she was the godmother of the 19th Dinard Comedy Festival.[38]

In 2017, she starred as Queen Titania in Un jour mon prince! with Hugo Becker and in the comedy Baby Bumps with Juliette Binoche. Sha also played Agnès Dorgelle in This Is Our Land, directed by Lucas Belvaux, with Émilie Dequenne, André Dussollier and Guillaume Gouix. The film was slated to be released two months before the first round of the 2017 presidential elections in France and directly targets the National Front. The character portrayed by Catherine Jacob is said to strongly resemble Marine Le Pen, and members of the political party saw the film as an affront. Steeve Briois, the FN mayor of Hénin-Beaumont tweeted: "Poor Marine Le Pen, who is caricatured by this tobacco pot of Catherine Jacob. A damn turnip in perspective!"[39] Florian Philippot, another member of the FN declared: "According to the trailer that I saw [...], it looks like a nice turnip, but, beyond the quality of the film, I find it really scandalous that in the countryside Presidential election, I believe precisely two months before the vote, one leaves in the French rooms a film that is clearly anti-National Front. [...] It disturbs me on behalf of Catherine Jacob. I was a fan of Catherine Jacob. There, I love her very much, but for me she is spoiled. Why? For some money, for a César Award, for a little chocolate medal that will be given, for service rendered to the system?".[40][41][42] Jacob answered: The stupid reaction of the National Front is a gift. It proves our point... [43]

Later in 2017, she returned to the stage with the play Madame for a successful tour. The same year, she also starred in the leading role of the adaptation of Un fil à la patte, written by Georges Feydeau and directed by Christophe Lidon, who directed her the year before, in L'impresario delle Smirne. This was a new success and the play was back on stage with Jacob in May 2018 at the Théâtre Montparnasse.[44]

In August and September 2017, she shot a new TV miniseries for France 3 called Les impatientes with Noémie Lvovsky and Thierry Godard.[45] She also starred in To Each, Her Own produced by Netflix with Julia Piaton and Richard Berry.[46]

From October 7 to 14, she is one of the jury members of the festival Arte Mare.[47][48] From December 7 to 10, she was a member of the jury at the 2nd Liège International Comedy Film Festival, alongside Gérard Darmon and Frédéric Diefenthal.[49]

In 2018, she was a spokesperson for IMAGYN during their campaign to encourage cervical cancer screening.[50] She appear in an episode of the fourth season of Nina but also in an episode of Hitchcock by Mocky directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky, for France 2 and France 3.[51] The same year she played "The Fairy Godmother" for 8 short films called "La Fabuleuse Histoire des Caisses d'Epargne" explaining the creation and the evolution of the Groupe Caisse d'Épargne.

The October 15th 2018, Christophe Barratier and Sam Bobino, co-presidents of the Festival du cinéma et de la musique de La Baule, unveiled the composition of the jury that will be chaired by Catherine Jacob. Jacob will be surrounded by the actresses Audrey Fleurot, Axelle Laffont and the composer Mathieu Lamboley, Philippe Kelly and Alex Jaffray, members of the jury. The festival will run from Tuesday 6th to Sunday 11 November.[52]

In 2019, she co-wrote her first book called Hommes/Femmes, ce qu'elles en disent with Franck Leclerc [53]. In March, she received the title of Commander des Ordres des Arts et des Lettres by the French gouvernment for her significantly contribution to the enrichment of the French cultural inheritance[54].


Year Title Author Director Notes
1985-1986 Welcome to the club Catherine Jacob Rémi Chenylle Théâtre Marie Stuart
1988-1991 Paris-Nord, attractions pour Noces et Banquets Jacques Bonnaffé Jacques Bonnaffé Théâtre Ouvert & Tour
1990-1991 The Imaginary Invalid Molière Hans-Peter Cloos Théâtre national de Chaillot
1992 Ubu roi Alfred Jarry Roland Topor Théâtre national de Chaillot
Chambres Philippe Minyana Hans-Peter Cloos Théâtre Paris-Villette
1994-1995 Drame au Concert Victor Lanoux Victor Lanoux Théâtre des Célestins
1996 Le Bourgeois gentilhomme Molière Jérôme Savary Théâtre national de Chaillot
1999-2000 The Miser Molière Jérôme Savary Théâtre des Célestins & Tour
2007 Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare Rémi de Vos Éric Vigner Théâtre du Rond-Point
2008 Célibataires David Foenkinos Anouche Setbon Théâtre des Champs-Élysées
2013 Le voyageur sans bagage Jean Anouilh Alain Fromager & Gwendoline Hamon Tour
2015 Madame Rémi De Vos Rémi De Vos Théâtre de l'Œuvre
2016 L'impresario delle Smirne Carlo Goldoni Christophe Lidon Théâtre Montansier & Tour
2017 Madame Rémi De Vos Rémi De Vos Tour
2017-2018 Un fil à la patte Georges Feydeau Christophe Lidon Théâtre Montparnasse & Tour
2020-2021 Les trois moitiés de M. Thiers Daniel Colas Christophe Lidon Théâtre Montparnasse
2021 Les Fausses Confidences Pierre de Marivaux Christophe Lidon


Year Title Role Director Notes
1980-83 Julien Fontanes, magistrat Dany François Dupont-Midi & Guy Lefranc TV Series (2 Episodes)
1981 Dickie-roi Anne-Marie Guy Lefranc TV Mini-Series
1982 L'esprit de famille Marie-Agnès Roland Bernard TV Series (1 Episode)
1984 Swann in Love Uncredited Volker Schlöndorff
Souvenirs, souvenirs The postmaster Ariel Zeitoun
Marie Pervenche A traffic warden Claude Boissol TV Series (3 Episodes)
1985 The Chicks A gym-center client Annick Lanoë
1987 Malady of Love Nurse Jacques Deray
Qui c'est ce garçon? The secretary Nadine Trintignant TV Mini-Series
Sentiments Lise Joyce Buñuel TV Series (1 Episode)
1988 Life Is a Long Quiet River Marie-Thérèse Étienne Chatiliez César Award for Most Promising Actress
Le vent des moissons Nicole's friend Jean Sagols TV Mini-Series
Les Cinq Dernières Minutes Patricia Lecorre Gérard Gozlan TV Series (1 Episode)
1989 Les Maris, les Femmes, les Amants Marie-Françoise Tocanier Pascal Thomas
L'été de la révolution Madame Lecoeur Lazare Iglesis TV Movie
Le vagabond de la Bastille Madame Croquejus Michel Andrieu TV Movie
Imogène Yvette Bougrain François Leterrier TV Series (1 Episode)
1990 Tatie Danielle Catherine Billiard Étienne Chatiliez Nominated - César Award for Best Supporting Actress
1991 Thank You, Life Evangéline Pelleveau Bertrand Blier Nominated - César Award for Best Supporting Actress
My Father the Hero Christelle Gérard Lauzier
Contes à rebours Gilles Porte Short
1992 Bella Vista Alfredo Arias
The Girl in the Air Rose Maroun Bagdadi
Cocon Martin Provost Short
Tout petit déjà The seller David Carayon Short
O mon amour The woman Paul Minthe Short
1993 La Soif de l'or Fleurette Gérard Oury
Stella plage The woman Elisabeth Prouvost Short
L'Éternel Mari Maryse Saussois Denys Granier-Deferre TV Movie
1994 Nine Months Dominique Patrick Braoudé Nominated - César Award for Best Supporting Actress
Girls with Guns Cécile Lambardant Jean-Paul Salomé
Oh God, Women Are So Loving Anne Magali Clément
Tales from the Zoo Micheline Philippe de Broca TV Movie
1995 Happiness Is in the Field Lolotte André Étienne Chatiliez
Les maîtresses de mon mari Nora Christiane Lehérissey TV Movie
1996 Oui Nathalie Alexandre Jardin
The Grand Dukes Carla Milo Patrice Leconte
Let's Hope it Lasts Christine Ponty Michel Thibaud
Ultima hora The woman Laurence Meynard Short
Un bel après-midi d'été Solange Artus de Penguern Short
The Orinoco Dam Arlette Legrand Juan Luis Buñuel TV Movie
Sur un air de mambo Arlette Jean-Louis Bertucelli TV Movie
Golden Goblet Award for Best Actress
1997 XXL Lorène Benguigui Ariel Zeitoun
La ballade de Titus Louise Vincent De Brus
Messieurs les enfants Yolande Pierre Boutron
La vie à trois Charlotte Christiane Lehérissey TV Movie
Maintenant ou jamais Delphine Jérôme Foulon TV Movie
1998 Let There Be Light God Suzanne Arthur Joffé
Théo et Marie Marcelle Henri Helman TV Movie
Qui mange qui ? Rose Lantier Dominique Tabuteau TV Movie
Maintenant et pour toujours Hélène Joël Santoni & Daniel Vigne TV Movie
Chercheur d'héritiers Véronique Coulange Olivier Langlois TV Series (1 Episode)
1999 Fleurs de sel Madeleine de Renoncourt Arnaud Sélignac TV Movie
Marc Eliot The Director Josée Dayan TV Series (1 Episode)
2000 Le coeur à l'ouvrage Françoise Laurent Dussaux
Les faux-fuyants Diane Lessing Pierre Boutron TV Movie
La Double Vie de Jeanne Jeanne Malaterre Henri Helman TV Movie
2001 J'ai faim !!! Lily Florence Quentin
God Is Great and I'm Not Evelyne Pascale Bailly
La concierge est dans l'ascenseur Olivier Coussemacq Short
Caméra Café The architect Yvan Le Bolloc'h TV Series (1 Episode)
2002 La Torpille Dominique Dumas Luc Boland TV Movie
Qui mange quoi ? Rose Lantier Jean-Paul Lilienfeld TV Movie
Corto Maltese Ambiguity / Marianne Richard Danto & Liam Saury TV Mini-Series
2003 Who Killed Bambi? Véronique Gilles Marchand
Hansel et Gretel Cyril Paris Short
L'adieu Georgette François Luciani TV Movie
Atlantic Island Chantal Seignelet Gérard Mordillat TV Movie
2004 The First Time I Turned Twenty Madame Goldman Lorraine Lévy
La méthode Bourchnikov Sylvette Martin Grégoire Sivan Short
Qui mange quand ? Rose Lantier Jean-Paul Lilienfeld TV Movie
Joe Pollox et les mauvais esprits Julie Jérôme Foulon TV Movie
Colette, une femme libre Missy Nadine Trintignant TV Mini-Series
Clara et associés Clara Delvaux Gérard Marx TV Series (1 Episode)
2005 Quartier V.I.P. Louisette Laurent Firode
Louise Joanne Jacques Renard TV Movie
Une vie Adélaïde Élisabeth Rappeneau TV Movie
Désiré Landru Madame Marchadier Pierre Boutron TV Movie
Vénus & Apollon Brigitte Olivier Guignard TV Series (1 Episode)
2006 Dikkenek Sylvie Olivier Van Hoofstadt
Les aristos Marie-Claude Saumur Chantilly Charlotte de Turckheim
Le Soldat rose The Voice Jean-Louis Cap TV Movie
This Girl Is Mine Maud Kert Virginie Wagon TV Movie
Comment lui dire Marie-Claude Laurent Firode TV Movie
Mes parents chéris Marie Amato Philomène Esposito TV Movie
Le Cri Renée Panaud Hervé Baslé TV Mini-Series
2007 Kozak France Olivier Fox Short
2008 48 Hours a Day Laura Catherine Castel
Behind the Walls The Director Christian Faure
La Maison Tellier Odile Tellier Élisabeth Rappeneau TV Movie
2009 L'arbre à clous La Gate Fabrice Couchard Short
Eliot Kid Brigitte Gilles Cazaux TV Series (1 Episode)
2010 Thelma, Louise et Chantal Chantal Benoît Pétré
Streamfield, les carnets noirs Judge Soren Jean-Luc Miesch
He's the One... Or Not Karine LeGuennec Vincent Giovanni TV Movie
Our Lady of the Loonies Lieutenant Sanchez Arnaud Sélignac TV Movie
2011 Livid Catherine Wilson Julien Maury & Alexandre Bustillo
Roses à crédit Madame Donzert Amos Gitai
Legally Messy Viviane Fondary Arnauld Mercadier TV Movie
Gérald K. Gérald Samantha de Réglisse Élisabeth Rappeneau TV Movie
Le Grand Restaurant II The canary's kidnapper Gérard Pullicino TV Movie
2012 La Baie d'Alger Zoé Merzak Allouache TV Movie
À dix minutes des naturistes Solange Langlois Stéphane Clavier TV Movie
Victoire Bonnot Madame Constantin Vincent Giovanni & Philippe Dajoux TV Series (3 Episodes)
2013 Les Vieux Calibres Madame Le Bihan Marcel Bluwal & Serge De Closets TV Movie
Je vous présente ma femme Viviane Martin Élisabeth Rappeneau TV Movie
Vive la colo ! Rosalie Stéphane Clavier TV Series (4 Episodes)
La Famille Katz Lisette Arnauld Mercadier TV Series (6 Episodes)
2014 Lili Rose Pierrot's sister Bruno Ballouard
L'ex de ma vie Daphné Dorothée Sebbagh
Tout est permis Sandra Émilie Deleuze TV Movie
Scènes de ménage Caroline Francis Duquet TV Series (2 Episodes)
2015 Lettre à France Gloria Stéphane Clavier TV Movie
Merci pour tout, Charles Valérie Ernesto Oña TV Movie
Nos chers voisins Sylvie Gaëtan Bevernaege TV Series (3 Episodes)
2016 Joséphine, Pregnant & Fabulous Anne de Bauvallet Marilou Berry
Hidden Kisses Catherine Didier Bivel TV Movie
Murders at Avignon Laurence Ravel Stéphane Kappes TV Movie
3 Mariages et 1 coup de foudre Annie Gilles de Maistre TV Movie
2017 Baby Bumps Irène Noémie Saglio
This Is Our Land Agnès Dorgelle Lucas Belvaux
Un jour mon prince ! Queen Titania Flavia Coste
2018 To Each, Her Own Noëlle Benloulou Myriam Aziza
Les impatientes Chantal, The Baroness Jean-Marc Brondolo TV Mini-Series
Nina Sylvie Vivot Jérôme Portheault TV Series (1 Episode)
2019 La malédiction du volcan Juliette Gentil Marwen Abdallah TV Movie
TBA Hitchcock by Mocky Jean-Pierre Mocky TV Series (1 Episode)
Toi, toi mon toit Denis Imbert TV Series
Mongeville Mother Catherine Edwin Baily TV Series (1 Episode)
100% bio Hortensia Fabien Onteniente TV Movie
Cassandre Nicole Marwen Abdallah TV Series (1 Episode)


Movies starring Catherine Jacob with more than a million tickets sold in France.

Films Director Year France (tickets)
1Happiness Is in the Field Étienne Chatiliez 1995 4,931,618
2Life Is a Long Quiet River Étienne Chatiliez 1988 4,088,009
3Tatie Danielle Étienne Chatiliez 1990 2,151,463
4La Soif de l'or Gérard Oury 1993 1,517,890
5My Father the Hero Gérard Lauzier 1991 1,428,871
6Merci la vie Bertrand Blier 1991 1,088,777


Year Title TV Channel Notes
1994 La Grammaire impertinente France 5 TV Show
2016 Conseil d'indiscipline Paris Première TV Show


Year Book Publishing Notes
2019 Hommes/Femmes, ce qu'elles en disent... Pygmalion Written with Franck Leclerc


  • 2011 : President of the jury at Festival international du film de Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Jury : Myriam Boyer, Stéphane Brizé, Christian Carion, Virginie Efira, Jimmy Jean-Louis & Ludmila Mikaël)[55]
  • 2012 : President of the jury at Dinard Comedy Festival (Jury : Lola Dewaere, Pascal Demolon, Jean Philippe Viaud, Gérard Moulévrier & Françoise Menidrey) [56]
  • 2016 : Godmother at Dinard Comedy Festival [57]
  • 2018 : President of the jury at Festival du cinéma et musique de film de La Baule (Jury : Audrey Fleurot, Axelle Laffont, Mathieu Lamboley, Philippe Kelly & Alex Jaffray) [58]
  • 2019 : Président of the Jury at Festival Des Notes et des Toiles (Jury : Natacha Régnier, Jean-Baptiste Shelmerdine, David Reyes) [59]
  • 2019 : Member of the Jury at Waterloo Historical Film Festival (Jury : Vincent Lannoo (President), Fanny Desmarès, Hector Langevin, Bérangère McNeese, Nicolas Gob) [60]


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