Cathedral Square, Perth

Cathedral Square is a precinct in the central business district of Perth, Western Australia bounded by Hay Street to the north, Pier Street to the east, St Georges Terrace to the south, and Barrack Street to the west.

Located within the Cathedral Square precinct is the eponymous St George's Cathedral, Cadogan Song School, The Deanery, Burt Memorial Hall, Church House (containing the Anglican Diocese of Perth), City of Perth Library, the Perth Town Hall, the State Administrative Tribunal and the Public Trustee Building.

The State Buildings are located on the south west corner of the square, which include the Como Hotel, restaurants, bars and retail. Behind these sits the David Malcolm Justice Centre, a 33-storey skyscraper containing judicial chambers for the WA Supreme Court, offices for the WA Attorney-General and Treasury departments, and a civil courthouse.

A number of buildings within the precinct, including the City of Perth Library, Church House, the redevelopment of the State Buildings and the David Malcolm Justice Centre were designed by Perth-firm Kerry Hill Architects.

The precinct includes the site of Perth's 'Point Zero', the marker from which all distances to and from Perth are measured worldwide.[1]

Earlier names for the block included simply the names of Barrack Street and Pier Street, Cathedral and Treasury precinct[2] and more recently Cathedral Precinct.

The newer name of Cathedral Square is used by the Anglican Cathedral administration,[3] as well the promoters of the newer and heritage buildings within the area.


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