Castro Marim

Castro Marim (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈkaʃtɾu mɐˈɾĩ] (listen)) is a town and a municipality in the southern region of Algarve, in Portugal.[1] The population in 2011 was 6,747,[2] in an area of 300.84 km².[3]

Castro Marim
View of Castro Marim


Coat of arms
Coordinates: 37°13′N 7°27′W
Country Portugal
Intermunic. comm.Algarve
  PresidentFrancisco Amaral (PSD)
  Total300.84 km2 (116.15 sq mi)
  Density22/km2 (58/sq mi)
Time zoneWET/WEST (UTC+0/+1)
Local holidayJune 24

The current Mayor is Francisco Amaral, elected by the Social Democratic Party.

The municipal holiday is June 24.

In the Roman era, Castro Marim was known as Aesuris.

Every year in the end of August there is a Medieval Fair/Festival that reunites many people from across the world to perform, like medieval musicians, archers, swordsmen, dancers, troupes, etc. There are sellers too: blacksmiths, textile crafters (weaving), herbs sellers, etc.

In honour to his Portuguese mother, Lucia Gomes, from Castro Marim, Paco de Lucía - the Spanish composer and guitarist - named his thirteenth studio album Castro Marín.


Administratively, the municipality is divided into 4 civil parishes (freguesias):[4]


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