Castlebrae Community High School

Castlebrae Community High School is a secondary school in the Greendykes area of Edinburgh.

Castlebrae Community High School
2a Greendykes Road

EH16 4DP

Coordinates55.9296°N 3.1338°W / 55.9296; -3.1338
Religious affiliation(s)Mixture
HeadteacherNorma Prentice
Age12 to 18

Headteacher and SMT

The Head Teacher is Norma Prentice and the Depute Head Teachers are Vincent Spicer and Tony O'Doherty. In June 2014 the previous head teacher Derek Curran was suspended while allegations against him were investigated.[2] Norma Prentice took over for 2014-15 as Curran's investigation continued.[3] In 2015 it was confirmed that Prentice would continue permanently and that Curran had been dismissed.[4]

Feeder schools

The school's intake is made up mostly of pupils coming from Castleview and Niddrie Mill primary schools.

School houses

Castlebrae's pupils are split into three house groups. These are:

  • Blackford
  • Pentland
  • Colton

These are named after the hills that surround Edinburgh.

Proposed closure

In September 2012 it was announced that City of Edinburgh Council proposed to close the school in June 2013 because of falling rolls and poor exam results.[5][6] A group of local parents and pupils contested the closure.[7] In February 2013 a report recommended closure, with a new school to be built in the next 10 years as the area regenerates and demand builds.[8] In March the council voted to give the school a "reprieve". It has among the highest truancy and exclusion rates in Scotland.[9]


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