Cash Guns Chaos

Cash Guns Chaos DLX is a fast-paced arcade-style action game for the PlayStation 3 system that was released via download in the PlayStation Store. The name was changed from Cash Carnage Chaos to Cash Guns Chaos DLX before launch. In October, 2006 it was announced that the game would be available as a downloadable "casual use" game for the PlayStation 3. It was one of two games available for download on the date of the United States launch.

Cash Guns Chaos
Developer(s)Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher(s)Sony Online Entertainment
EngineUntold Legends (Game Engine)
Platform(s)PlayStation 3
ReleaseNovember 17, 2006
Genre(s)Multidirectional shooter
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer


Cash Guns Chaos DLX is a fairly traditional shooting-style action game which concentrates far more heavily on action-oriented combat than strategy or character development. It is almost identical in style, gameplay, and overall execution to the arcade classic Smash TV.

The story of the game is that aliens, which learned the human civilization exclusively by watching 1970s and '80s TV shows, kidnapped the player and forced him to play through levels to entertain the aliens.


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