Carroll Levis

Carroll Richard Levis (March 15, 1910 – October 17, 1968) was a talent scout, impresario and television and radio personality. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and brought up in Vancouver, he moved to England in 1935 and joined the BBC, where he hosted a regular programme showcasing unknown performers discovered through his touring stage show. In 1939 he appeared in the film "Discoveries". In 1948 he starred in the British mystery film Brass Monkey, in which he played himself.[1] He also had an acting role in The Depraved (1957).[2]

In 1945, Levis was featured in a concert show which entertained troops of the First Canadian Army. In the 1950s he hosted a talent competition for young people called The Carroll Levis Discovery Show.[3] In 1961 he removed himself from the public eye, only to attempt a return in 1968 after a four-year struggle with a stomach ailment. He died the same year.[4]


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