Carola Lotti

Carola Lotti (1907-1990) was an Italian actress.[1] She was the elder sister of the actress Mariella Lotti.

Carola Lotti
Carola Pianotti

24 June 1907
Stezzano (BG) , Italy
Died11 September 1990
Montecarlo, Principality of Monaco
Other namesCarola Pianotti
Years active1929 - 1944 (film)

Selected filmography

  • Rails by Mario Camerini (1929)
  • The Man with the Claw by Nunzio Malasomma (1931)
  • What Scoundrels Men Are! by Mario Camerini (1932)
  • Ma non è una cosa seria by Mario Camerini (1932)
  • Jeanne Dorè by Mario Bonnard (1938)
  • Father For a Night by Mario Bonnard (1939)
  • Il ponte dei sospiri by Mario Bonnard (1940)
  • Redenzione by di Marcello Albani (1943)
  • Gran premio by Umberto Scarpelli and Giuseppe Musso (1944)


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