Carnival Dream

Carnival Dream is the lead ship of the Dream-class of cruise ships. Like all but one of her sisters, she is operated by Carnival Cruise Line. Built by Fincantieri at its Monfalcone shipyard in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, northern Italy, she was floated out on October 24, 2008, and christened by Marcia Gay Harden.[1][8][9]

Carnival Dream anchored off Belize City.
Name: Carnival Dream
Owner: Carnival Corporation & plc
Operator: Carnival Cruise Lines
Port of registry: Panama City,  Panama
Ordered: January 31, 2006
Builder: Fincantieri
Cost: US$741,100,785
Yard number: Monfalcone 6151
Laid down: February 4, 2008
Launched: October 24, 2008
Sponsored by: Marcia Gay Harden
Acquired: September 12, 2009
Maiden voyage: September 21, 2009
In service: 2009–present
Status: In service
Notes: [1]
General characteristics
Class and type: Dream-class cruise ship
Length: 306.02 m (1,004.0 ft)
Beam: 37.2 m (122 ft)
Decks: 15
Installed power:
Speed: 22.5 knots (41.7 km/h; 25.9 mph)
Capacity: 3,646 Passengers [4]
Crew: 1,369
Notes: [1][5][6][7]

At 128,250 GT, Carnival Dream was the largest ship yet built for Carnival Cruise Line. She has two sister ships, Carnival Magic, who entered service in May 2011, and Carnival Breeze, who entered service in June 2012.


Carnival Dream and her sisters were the largest ships ever built in Italy, by Fincantieri at the time.[10] Carnival Dream was the first Carnival Cruise Line ship designed to include a water park with multiple slides when constructed. The ship also has an 18-hole miniature golf course and a wide outdoor promenade deck that includes an outdoor cafe and a whirlpool jacuzzi in four places along the outside edge of the deck.[5]

Areas of operation

Carnival Dream has been based in several US ports cruising to Caribbean destinations.

Incidents and accidents

In July 2011, Carnival Dream had issues with her azimuth thruster, forcing a change in her travel schedule.[11][12]

On 14 March 2013 Carnival Dream experienced a back-up generator malfunction while performing regular pre-embarkation testing. No power outages occurred but Carnival Cruise Line decided to stay docked in port at Philipsburg, St. Marten. The ship was scheduled to leave port around 5 p.m. ET the day before. The U.S. Coast Guard said they were notified by Carnival Cruise Lines that Carnival Dream was experiencing problems with her generator.[13] Carnival was paying to fly passengers back to Port Canaveral, via Orlando International Airport, or their home cities and canceled Dream's 16 March departure.[11] The ship set sail on its first cruise after the mechanical problems on 23 March.[14]

Michael Moses Ward, also known as Birdie Africa, the only child survivor of the 1985 MOVE bombing, died in September 2013, at the age of 41. His death occurred in a hot tub aboard Carnival Dream while sailing in the Caribbean. Initial reports indicated an accidental drowning.[15] Sources say he may have had a stroke in the hot tub.

On 3 May 2018, a pipe, which was part of the ship's fire suppression system, burst and flooded deck 9. About 50 staterooms were affected by the flood.[16]

On 29 December 2018 lifeboat number 28 broke loose from Carnival Dream for unknown reasons and was excessively damaged. Carnival decided to abandon the lifeboat at sea and plans to purchase a new replacement. No one was onboard the lifeboat at the time and no injuries were reported.[17]

On 24 October 2019, a few hours after the Carnival Dream left Galveston, Texas, a man went overboard by jumping off his stateroom balcony. Carnival stated "the ship's command promptly began search and rescue procedures, returned to the area near where the incident occurred and notified the US Coast Guard." However, after 586 square miles covered by the search in 48 hours, the US Coast Guard suspended operations.[18]

Appearances in film

About 20 minutes of the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked was filmed aboard Carnival Dream.[19][20]

In the film World War Z, upon entering the command center of the Naval Vessel the main characters land on, a sailor is seen announcing the authorization for Dream to join the fleet.



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