Carnic Prealps

The Carnic Prealps (Prealpi Carniche in Italian) or Southern Carnic Alps (German: Südliche Karnische Alpen) are a mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps, part of the larger Carnic and Gailtal Alps group. They are located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the northern part of Italy.

Carnic Prealps
Cima dei Preti, the highest mount of the range
Highest point
PeakCima dei Preti
Elevation2,703 m (8,868 ft)
Coordinates46°34′24″N 12°42′11″E
Native namePrealpi Carniche
Carnic Prealps
Location within the Eastern Alps
RegionFriuli-Venezia Giulia
Parent rangeCarnic and Gailtal Alps
Borders on
OrogenyAlpine orogeny
Type of rockSedimentary rocks[1]


According to the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps, the Carnic Prealps (AVE 57b) stretch from the Piave River in the south and west up to Sappada and Forni Avoltri, forming the border with the Dolomites range. The northern border with the main chain of the Carnic Alps runs along the Degano Valley to Comeglians in the Carnia region, and further eastwards via Paluzza, Ligosullo and Paularo to the Fella Valley at Pontebba. In the east the ravine of the Tagliamento River marks the border with the Julian Alps down to the Padan Plain in the south.

Administratively the range belongs to the Italian province of Pordenone and Udine.

Notable summits

Some notable summits of the range are:

Cima dei Preti2,713
Monte Duranno2,652
Monte Cridola2,581
Croda Montanaia2,548
Cima Both2,437

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