Carnet Mondain

The Carnet Mondain (French for Social Notebook) of Belgium, is a directory[1] featuring high society[2] (aristocracy[1][3] and upper bourgeoisie), Belgian or foreign, established in Belgium, as well as members of great Belgian families established abroad.[2] It is equivalent to the Social Register in the United States. Its tagline is "the Familial and Social Belgium" (French: la Belgique Familiale et Mondaine).[4]

Carnet Mondain

PublisherLes Editions CLB s.a.
Published1983-today, every December
Media typePrint and web


This work, which was an initiative of Prince Charles-Louis of Merode, has the advantage of clearly showing the ties of descent between people (up to two degrees). This directory coexists with the High Life de Belgique, which pursues similar objectives.


Persons wishing to be registered, must submit a written candidacy request supported by three unrelated persons included in previous editions. These new applications are then submitted to the Carnet Mondain admissions committee, which rules in full independence.[2]

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