Carnagh West Ringfort

Carnagh West Ringfort is a ringfort and National Monument located in County Roscommon, Ireland.[1]

Carnagh West Ringfort
Native name
Irish: Ráth na Carnaí Thiar
Location of Carnagh West Ringfort in Ireland
LocationCarnagh West, Lecarrow,
County Roscommon, Ireland
Coordinates53.513346°N 8.044055°W / 53.513346; -8.044055
Elevation59 m (194 ft)
BuiltStone Age (before 2000 BC)
Official name: Carnagh West
Reference no.487


Carnagh West Ringfort is located halfway between Lough Funshinagh and Lough Ree.

History and description

Carnagh West Ringfort is a rath or ringfort with foundations of rectangular huts. The double-walling suggests a Stone Age date. The townland name is from the Irish carnach, "abounding in heaps/cairns", due to the large number of raths in the area.


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