Carlo Giustini

Carlo Giustini (born 4 May 1923) is an Italian former actor. He was sometimes credited as Carlo Justini.

Carlo Giustini
Giustini c. 1954
Born (1923-05-04) 4 May 1923
Other namesCarlo Justini, Charles Justin
Years active1944-1966

Life and career

Born in Viterbo, the son of a railway employee, Giustini debuted at twenty years old in The Materassi Sisters, after having been chosen through an audition.[1] In the postwar years he was very active in the sentimental and adventurous genres, in which he usually played secondary and supporting roles.[1] He was also cast in several international productions, mainly thanks to his perfect English.[1] He retired from acting shorty later after having appeared in two sci-fi films directed back-to-back by Antonio Margheriti in 1965, Wild, Wild Planet and War of the Planets.[1]

Selected filmography


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