Carla Bley discography

This is a list of works by American jazz musician Carla Bley.[1]


As leader


With Gary Burton

With the Jazz Composer's Orchestra

With Michael Mantler

With Charlie Haden and the Liberation Music Orchestra

With Nick Mason

With Steve Swallow

As sidewoman


  • 1983/2003: Live in Montreal (DVD)

Compositions recorded by other artists

Year recorded Artist Album Composition(s)
1957 Paul Bley Solemn Meditation "O Plus One"
1960 George Russell George Russell Sextet at the Five Spot "Dance Class" and "Beast Blues"
1960 George Russell Stratusphunk "Bent Eagle"
1961 George Russell George Russell Sextet in K.C. "Rhymes"
1961 Jimmy Giuffre Fusion "Jesus Maria" and "In the Morning Out There"
1961 Jimmy Giuffre Thesis "Ictus"
1961 Jimmy Giuffre Emphasis, Stuttgart 1961 "Jesus Maria"
1962 Don Ellis Essence "Donkey" aka "Wrong Key Donkey"
1962 George Russell The Outer View "Zig Zag"
1962/63 Paul Bley Footloose! "Floater", "Around Again", "Syndrome", "King Korn" and "Vashkar"
1964 Paul Bley Turning Point "Calls", "King Korn", "Ictus", and "Ida Lupino"
1964 Paul Bley Barrage "Batterie", "Ictus", "And Now the Queen", "Around Again", "Walking Woman", "Barrage"
1965 Jazz Composer's Orchestra Communication "Roast"
1965 Paul Bley Touching "Start"
1965 Attila Zoller The Horizon Beyond "Inctus"
1965 Art Farmer Sing Me Softly of the Blues "Sing Me Softly of the Blues" and "Ad Inifintum"
1965 Paul Bley Closer "Ida Lupino", "Start", "Closer", "Sideways in Mexico", "Batterie", "And Now the Queen" and "Violin"
1965 Steve Lacy Disposability "Generous 1"
1966 Steve Kuhn Trio Three Waves "Ida Lupino"
1967 Gary Burton Duster "Sing Me Softly of the Blues"
1967 Gary Burton Lofty Fake Anagram "Mother of the Dead Man"
1968 Steve Kuhn Watch What Happens! "Ad Infinitum"
1969 NRBQ NRBQ "Ida"
1969 Phil Woods At the Montreux Jazz Festival "Ad Infinitum"
1969 Tony Williams Emergency! "Vashkar"
1972 Paul Bley Open, to Love "Closer", "Ida Lupino" and "Seven"
1972 Steve Kuhn Steve Kuhn Live in New York "Ida Lupino"
1972 Enrico Rava Il Giro Del Giorno in 80 Mondi "Olhos de Gato"
1972 Paul Bley Paul Bley & Scorpio "King Korn", "Syndrome" and "Ictus"
1973 Paul Bley Paul Bley/NHØP "Olhos de Gato"
1974 Gary Burton Ring "Silent Spring"
1974 Jan Garbarek Witchi-Tai-To "A.I.R."
1974 Jaco Pastorius Jaco "Vashkar", "Donkey", "Overtoned", "Batterie" and "King Korn"
1974 Gary Burton Hotel Hello "Vashkar"
1975 Paul Bley Alone, Again "Olhos de Gato" and "And Now the Queen"
1975 Gary Burton Dreams So Real "Dreams So Real", "Ictus/Syndrome", "Jesus Maria", "Vox Humana", "Doctor", "Intermission Music"
1977 Volker Kriegel Elastic Menu "Sing Me Softly of the Blues"
1979 Morrissey–Mullen Cape Wrath "Dreams So Real"
1980 Gary Burton Easy as Pie "Reactionary Tango"
1980 Gary Burton Picture This "Dreams So Real"
1984 Gary Burton Quartet Real Life Hits "Syndrome" and "Real Life Hits"
1985 Paul Bley Hot "Syndrome" and "Around Again"
1986 Paul Bley Fragments "Seven" and "Closer"
1987 George Russell So What "Rhymes"
1987 Paul Bley and Paul Motian Notes "Batterie"
1989 Paul Bley, Jimmy Guiffre and Steve Swallow The Life of a Trio: Sunday "Where Were We?"
1989 Orchestra Jazz Siciliana Plays the Music of Carla Bley "440", "The Lone Arranger", "Dreams So Real", "Baby Baby", "Joyful Noise", "Egyptian", and "Blunt Object"
1989 Charlie Haden The Montreal Tapes: with Paul Bley and Paul Motian "Ida Lupino"
1990 Leo Kottke That's What "Jesus Maria"
1991 Paul Bley Paul Plays Carla "Vashkar", "Floater", "Seven", "Around Again", "Ida Lupino", "Turns", "And Now the Queen", "Ictus", "Olhos de Gato" and "Donkey"
1991 John Surman Adventure Playground "Seven"
1992 Paul Bley Homage to Carla "Seven", "Closer", "Olhos de Gato", "And Now the Queen", "Vashkar", "Around Again", "Donkey", "King Korn", "Ictus", "Turns" and "Overtoned"
1994 John McLaughlin After the Rain "Sing Me Softly of the Blues"
1997 Steve Kuhn Sing Me Softly of the Blues "Sing Me Softly of the Blues"
2000 Michel Portal Dockings "Ida Lupino"
2000 Mark Turner Ballad Session "Jesus Maria"
2001 Don Preston Transformation "Walking Batteriewoman" and "The Donkey"
2001 Ken Vandermark Free Jazz Classics Vols. 1 & 2 "King Korn" and "Calls" in segue
2002 Bobby Naughton Zoar "Vashkar"
2003 Roberto Ottaviano Live in Israel "Ida Lupino"
2004 Gary Burton Generations "Syndrome"
2004 Leo Kottke Try and Stop Me "Jesus Maria"
2004 Whit Dickey In a Heartbeat "Calls"
2004 Chris Wiesendanger, Christian Weber and Dieter Ulrich We Concentrate "Jesus Maria", "Batterie" and "King Korn"
2005 Arturo O'Farrill Live in Brooklyn "Utviklinsang" and "Walking Battery Woman"
2005 Håkon Kornstad and Håvard Wiik Eight Tunes We Like "Calls"
2006 Howard Tate Portrait of Howard "The Lord Is Listenin' to Ya, Hallelujah"
2006 Håkon Kornstad and Håvard Wiik The Bad and the Beautiful "King Korn"
2006 Dave Palmer Romance "Ida Lupino"
2007 Eberhard Weber Stages of a Long Journey "Syndrome"
2007 Jonas Kullhammar Andratx "Ida Lupino"
2008 Guillaume de Chassy Faraway So Close "Ida Lupino"
2008 Marcin Wasilewski January "King Korn"
2009 Gary Burton Quartet Live "Syndrome"
2009 Emanuele Arciuli Gates to Everywhere "Romantic Notions 1-8"
2010 Cindy Blackman Another Lifetime "Vashkar", "Vashkar Reprise" and "Vashkar – The Alternate Dimension Theory"
2010 Nels Cline Singers Initiate "And Now the Queen"
2011 John Scofield A Moment's Peace "Lawns"
2012 Steve Kuhn Wisteria "Permanent Wave"
2013 Jeff Berlin Low Standards "Vashkar"
2013 Barry Altschul The 3Dom Factor "Ictus"
2013 George Schuller Listen Both Ways "Jesus Maria"
2015 Mary Halvorson Meltframe "Ida Lupino"
2016 Giovanni Guidi Ida Lupino "Ida Lupino"
2018 Nels Cline 4 Currents, Constellations "Temporarliy"


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