Carl Geppert

Carl Geppert was a German actor.[1] He appeared in more than fifty films from 1919 to 1932.

Selected filmography

Year Title Role Notes
1931 Once I Loved a Girl in Vienna
1930 Pension Schöller
1929 The Gypsy Chief
We Stick Together Through Thick and Thin
Revenge for Eddy
1928 You Walk So Softly
The Insurmountable
Robert and Bertram
Herkules Maier
Love and Thieves
1927 The Beggar from Cologne Cathedral
Weekend Magic
The False Prince
The Pink Slippers
1926 The Bohemian Dancer
The Flight in the Night
We'll Meet Again in the Heimat
1925 Countess Maritza
Women You Rarely Greet
1924 By Order of Pompadour
1923 The Woman Worth Millions
Friend Ripp
1922 Tingeltangel
Lola Montez, the King's Dancer
The Count of Charolais
1921 The Secret of Satana Magarita
Lady Hamilton
1920 Whitechapel


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