Carisch is an Italian music publishing house, founded in Leipzig in 1887 under the name Carisch & Jänichen for editorial production, trade and import of sheet music and musical instruments and based in Milan [1] by the Swiss, G.A. Carisch. Initially dealing with the sale of musical instruments and music manuscripts, it became a music publishing concern in 1894. Ownership passed down to various members of the Carisch family and the firm was incorporated in 1936. Carisch has a catalog of printed books of almost five thousand titles, under the labels Carisch and Real Musical, by prestigious and successful authors and composers.[2] Its offices are based in Milan, Paris and Madrid and its products are distributed internationally by Music Sales & Carisch Distribution It became, as well, a recording label, the first in Italy, for example, to issue Beatles recordings in the 1960s. In 1989 Carisch was acquired by Warner Chappel Music Italiana (Group AOL - Time Warner) and then by Monzino, Spa. in 2002.


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