Cargilfield Preparatory School

Cargilfield Preparatory School is a private co-educational prep school in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was founded in 1873. It is a day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3–13 and caters for approximately 300 pupils. It prepares pupils mainly for Common Entrance Examinations or Academic Scholarships required for entry to public schools.

Cargilfield Preparatory School
45 Gamekeepers Road


Coordinates55.96971°N 3.30004°W / 55.96971; -3.30004
TypePreparatory school
Day & Boarding School
MottoDeo Custode
("With God as [a] guardian")
Religious affiliation(s)Church of Scotland
FounderRev Daniel Charles Darnell[1]
HeadmasterRob Taylor
Age3 to 13
HousesBruce, Stuart, Wallace, Graham
Colour(s)Red, Navy blue, White


Cargilfield was founded in 1873 by Rev Daniel Charles Darnell[2] and was the first independent preparatory school in Scotland. Originally, the school was located in the Trinity area of Edinburgh; it was sometimes referred to as Cargilfield Trinity School. In 1899, the school relocated to Barnton.[1]

In the period 2003-2012, the headmaster was John Elder. Among the changes he made to the school was the abolition of homework.[3]

In 2014, the UK government named the school in a list of 25 UK employers which had failed to pay workers the national minimum wage, for underpaying an artist in residence by £3,739.[4] The school responded that it had rectified this situation as soon as it was made aware of it, and apologised.[5]

The school has reached the finals of the UKMT Team Mathematics Challenge competition in five consecutive years (2013,[6] 2014, [7] 2015, [8] 2016, and [9] 2017.[10] )

Former pupils

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