Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center

The Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center is located in Potomac, Maryland and consists of approximately 3,200 scientists, engineers and support personnel working in more than 40 disciplines ranging from fundamental science to applied/in-service engineering. Carderock's Headquarters is located in West Bethesda, Maryland. The Division also conducts research and development at several remote sites across the United States.

As a major component and field activity of the Naval Sea Systems Command, the Carderock Division provides cradle-to-grave support for its technical products over a wide range of scientific areas related to surface and undersea platforms. The Division addresses the full spectrum of applied maritime science and technology, from the theoretical and conceptual beginnings, through design and acquisition, to implementation and follow-on engineering. This includes all technical aspects of improving the performance of ships, submarines, military water craft, and unmanned vehicles, as well as research for military logistics systems. In addition, the Division is uniquely chartered by the U.S. Congress to support maritime industry.[1] The facility specialises in:[2]

  • Environmental Quality Systems;
  • Hull Forms & Propulsors;
  • Ship Design & Integration;
  • Signatures,
  • Silencing Systems,
  • Structures and Materials;
  • Susceptibility.

Division Sites:


The facility was previously known as the David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center; it was renamed "David Taylor Research Center (DTRC)" in 1987 and later became the "Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center" in 1992.[4]

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