Car jockey

Car jockeys are people in Indonesia who have resorted to informal employment to bypass the gridlock that grips Indonesia's largest cities, especially Greater Jakarta. They are paid by drivers to ride on vehicles, so that those vehicles would be qualified to use high-occupancy vehicle lane. Like atappers and ojeks, it is one method Indonesians have become accustomed to in their daily commuting struggle.

How it works

A car jockey solicits by the side of the road a random commuter who does not have enough passengers to legally use a carpool lane. The jockey offers to go along with the commuter for a fixed price. This is a way to bypass carpool restrictions requiring a certain number of passengers.[1][2] It also offers the poor a way of making money without formal work.[3] As passengers, babies also make money for their parents.[4]

Jakarta carpool rule suspension

In April 2016 Jakarta suspended the "3-in-1" rule that had created the demand for the car jockeys, leading to unemployment for jockeys, some of whom had been doing this work for years.[5][6] On August 30, 2016 'odd and even' plate number system began to replace "3-in-1" rule, after trial operation and effective to reduce traffic jams. Odd plate number can enter ex "3-in-1" area on odd date and even plate number can enter ex "3-in-1" area on even date.[7]


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