Captain Apache

Captain Apache is a 1971 Spanish-British acid western film directed by Alexander Singer and starring Lee Van Cleef, Carroll Baker and Stuart Whitman. It was written and produced by Milton Sperling and Philip Yordan. The vocals of the opening and credits song were performed by Van Cleef.

Captain Apache
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAlexander Singer
Produced byMilton Sperling
Philip Yordan
Screenplay byMilton Sperling
Philip Yordan
Based onThe novel Captain Apache by S.E. Whitman
StarringLee Van Cleef
Carroll Baker
Stuart Whitman
Music byDolores Claman
CinematographyJohn Cabrera
Edited byLeigh G. Tallas
Release date
27 October 1971 (US)
Running time
94 minutes
United Kingdom


Captain Apache is a Native American U.S. Cavalry officer who finds himself tangled into a conspiracy, and proceeding upon the case of solving the enigma of the last words of a dead Commissioner (and Captain′s old friend) which were: "April morning". Each time he nears discovering the meaning of the phrase, another character capable of providing certain help in solving the mystery dies and throws him off the trail. The journey eventually takes the Captain to a train, one which pulls a private railroad car named "April Morning", transporting President Ulysses S. Grant. Putting the information together leads the Captain to realizing an assassination is about to take place and he is the only one who can prevent it.



Captain Apache was also released under the following titles: Capitán Apache (Spain), Deathwork (U.S.A.), The Guns of April Morning (U.K.), Capitan Apache (Italy), Kapteeni Apassi (Finland), Pääpiru (Finland), O Keravnos ton Apache (Greece), and Hunt the Man Down.


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