Capital (French magazine)

Capital is a monthly French economics and business magazine published in Paris, France.[1]

CategoriesBusiness magazine
Circulation233,249 (2014)
PublisherPrisma Press
FounderAlex Ganz
Year founded1991 (1991)
First issueOctober 1991
Based inParis

History and profile

Capital was established in 1991.[2][3] The first issue appeared in October 1991.[4] Axel Ganz, head of the international operations section of Gruner + Jahr, was the founder of the magazine,[4] which is published monthly by the Prisma Press group.[2][5] The editor-in-chief is Jean-Joël Gurviez. Its target audience is the senior executives and decision-makers in the fields of industry, finance and politics.[6]

In 2015 Capital was redesigned and its logo was changed.[7]


In 1991 Capital's circulation was 220,000 copies.[3] Its circulation was 339,771 copies in 1994.[8] In 2001 the magazine had a circulation of 384,000 copies.[5] During the period of 2003-2004 the magazine sold 361,450 copies.[9] The magazine's paid circulation in 2007 was 384,795 copies. It was 338,062 copies in the period of 2009-2010.[6] In 2014 the magazine sold 233,249 copies.[7]


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