Cape Agrilia

Cape Agrilia (Greek: Άκρα Αγριλιά, romanized: Ákra Agriliós), anciently Malea (Ancient Greek: Μαλέα)[1][2] or Malia (Μαλία)[3] or Mania (Μανία)[4], Latin: Malia Promontorium,[5] is the southeasternmost point of the island of Lesbos. It is also known as Agrelias.[5]

Immediately opposite, on the mainland, is Kane Peninsula (anciently known as Cane, Aega, or Aiga) now in Turkey, and the Arginusae islands. During Ottoman rule it was called in Turkish: Zeitun Burun. It is a high and conspicuous point at sea. Xenophon says that the fleet of Callicratidas occupied this station before the sea-fight off Arginusae.[2] There is some obscurity in Xenophon's topography in reference to this place. Thucydides is more confused; he says distinctly that Malea lay to the north of Mytilene, which is inconsistent with the position of Cape Agrilia.[1] Possibly the Malea of Thucydides had some connection with the sanctuary of Apollo Maloeis.


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