Cantonal Council of Obwalden

The Cantonal Council of Obwalden (German: Obwalden Kantonsrat) is the legislature of the canton of Obwalden, in Switzerland. Obwalden has a unicameral legislature. The Cantonal Council has 55 seats, with members elected every four years.

In the last election, on 7 March 2010, saw the center maintain its dominance of the Cantonal Council. The Christian Democrats lost three seats, but remained the largest party with 20. The Swiss People's Party gained five seats to the become the second largest party, while the FDP.The Liberals retained 10 seats but dropped to the third largest. The Social Democratic Party remained steady with 6 seats and the Christian Social Party lost two seats to have 8.[1]

 Summary of the 7 March 2010 Obwalden Cantonal Council election results
Party Ideology Vote % Vote % ± Seats Seats ±
Christian Democratic People's Party Christian democracy 33.82 –1.2 20 -3
Social Democratic Party Social democracy 21.92 –0.9 11 +5
FDP.The Liberals Classical liberalism 17.91 +1.9 10 ±0
Swiss People's Party National conservatism 10.95 -1.05 6 ±0
Christian Social Party Christian democracy 15.41 +1.4 8 -2
Total 100.00 55
Source: Canton of Obwalden


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