Candle in the Tomb: Mu Ye Gui Shi

Ghost Blows Out the Light: Mu Ye Gui Shi (Chinese: 鬼吹灯之牧野诡事), alternatively known as Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Bayi, is a 2017 Chinese web series adapted from the novel series Ghost Blows Out the Light by Zhang Muye.[1] Zhang also acts as the series' executive producer.[2] The series aired via iQiyi every Monday and Tuesday at 20:00 (CST) starting 3 July 2017.[1]

Ghost Blows Out the Light: Mu Ye Gui Shi
GenreAction, Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller
Based onGhost Blows Out the Light by Zhang Muye
Written byXin Shengtang
Directed byZhao Xiaoou
Zhao Xiaoxi
StarringDarren Wang
Gina Jin
Wang Yuexin
Zhang Boyu
Zhang Xin
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes24
Running time40 minutes
Production company(s)iQiyi
Up Pictures
Huayi Brothers
Original networkiQiyi
Original release3 July 2017 (2017-07-03)

Unlike other adaptations of the same franchise which centers on the novels' main protagonist Hu Bayi, the series is revolved around his son, Hu Tian.[1]


Hu Tian is a 25-year-old delinquent leading a carefree life with Xiao Jin Ya, whom he considers to be like a sister. One day, a mysterious woman named Bing Lun appears with news of his long-lost parents, who disappeared more than 20 years ago. A man named Lei Li also appears and claims to be a friend of his father. Along with his new-found friends, Hu Tian sets out on an expedition to find his long-lost family; while figuring out how to differentiate friend and foes.[1]


Darren Wang
Hu TianAn orphan who seeks his birth secret. He is experienced in the arts of feng shui, as well as the skill of flying dagger claws. He is the leader and "soul" of the team, but his playful nature makes him seem otherwise.
Gina Jin
Bing LunShe possesses highly skilled martial arts, and is the "brain" and strategist of the team.
Wang Yuexin
Lei LiThe healer of the team. He has an unpredictable nature.
Zhang Boyu
Wang YaoHu Tian's childhood friend. A loyal and generous man.
Zhang Xin
Xiao JinyaHu Tian's childhood friend, whom he regards as a sister. She is playful, daring and likes cheap thrills.
Li Shipeng
Wang Kaixuan (Fatty Wang)Father of Wang Yao, Good friend of Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang
Tomb explorer, member of the Mojin
Hu Hu
Yang Zhigang
Ceng Mengxue
Deity Eyes
Xu Yi
Shan Banshan Qinxue
Gao Yiqing
Hu BayiFather of Hu Tian, husband of Shirley Yang
Tomb explorer, member of the Mojin
Liu Yuqi
Shirley YangMother of Hu Tian, wife of Hu Bayi
Tomb explorer, member of the Mojin
Kang Han-na
Li Ruohua


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