Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship

The Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship is the national championship for Wheelchair curling in Canada. The event has been held since 2004.


YearTeamHost site
2004 Team Canada (Chris Daw) London, Ontario
2005 Team Canada (Chris Daw) Richmond, British Columbia
2006 Team Canada (Chris Daw) Richmond, British Columbia
2007 British Columbia (Darryl Neighbour) Ottawa, Ontario
2008 British Columbia (Jim Armstrong)Winnipeg, Manitoba
2009 British Columbia (Jim Armstrong) Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
2010 Host Team (Gary Cormack) Kelowna, British Columbia
2011 Manitoba (Chris Sobkowicz)Edmonton, Alberta
2012 Saskatchewan (Darwin Bender)Thunder Bay, Ontario
2013 Quebec (Benoit Lessard)Ottawa, Ontario
2014 Manitoba (Dennis Thiessen)Boucherville, Quebec
2015 British Columbia (Gerry Austgarden)Boucherville, Quebec
2016 Saskatchewan (Darwin Bender)Regina, Saskatchewan
2017 Manitoba (Dennis Thiessen)Boucherville, Quebec
2018 Saskatchewan (Marie Wright)Leduc, Alberta
2019 Alberta (Jack Smart)Boucherville, Quebec
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