Canada national football junior team

The Canada national football junior team represent Canada in international gridiron football competitions. The football program is part of the football development program and is controlled by Football Canada and is recognized by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). While Football Canada is the governing body for amateur Canadian football, IFAF-sponsored games are played using American football rules. They competed for their first IFAF Junior World Cup in 2009.[1]

Nickname(s)Team Canada (Équipe Canada)
AssociationFootball Canada
General Manager Rick Sowieta
Head coach Noel Thorpe
Assistants Warren Craney
Pat Boies
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Canada national football junior team
Medal record
Men's American football
Representing  Canada
World Championship
2009 United StatesTeam Competition
2012 United StatesTeam Competition
2014 KuwaitTeam Competition
2016 ChinaTeam Competition
2018 MexicoTeam Competition

Canada has also developed the Canada national football junior team as an elite developmental program which participates in the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) Under-19 World Championship planned to be held every 2 years. This tournament was previously known as the IFAF Junior World Cup.


Football Canada became a full member of the IFAF in 2004.[2] Thereafter Canada competed in international junior, flag, and women's football events.[3]

The roster of the Canada national football junior team is players aged 19 and under and are typically from CIS University, high school or community football programs. The head coach for the program is selected by Football Canada and appointed prior to selecting the remainder of the tournaments coaching staff or players. Noel Thorpe, the 2012 Head Coach, is also employed as Defensive Coordinator with the Université de Montréal. The Defensive Coordinator is Warren Craney from York University, participating in his 2nd tournament, and the Offensive Coordinator is Pat Boies from McGill University.

Team roster

2012 Canada National Football Junior Team roster

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

  • Regis Cibasu
  • Doug Corby
  • A’dre Fraser
  • Tylor Henry
  • Alexandre Huard
  • Shaquille Johnson
  • Alexandre Savard
Offensive Linemen
  • Kadeem Adams
  • Louis-Gabriel Beaudet
  • Andrew Boisvert
  • Lloyd Constant
  • Emilio Frometa
  • Nathan Heide
  • Erick Lessard
  • David Knevel
  • Jean-Simon Roy

Defensive Linemen

  • Edward Godin Gosselin
  • Quinn Horton
  • Glen Joorisity
  • Jacob Leblanc
  • Clement Lebreux
  • Adam Melanson
  • Charles Rémy-Sarrazin
  • Brett Wade

Defensive Backs

  • Kwame Adjei
  • Keldyn Ahlstedt
  • Shaquille Davis
  • Tomy Duperron
  • Khadim Mbaye
  • Kevin McGee
  • Michael Schmidt

Special Teams

  • Louis-Philippe Simoneau
Inactive List

Roster updated 2012-05-20

2012 Canada National Football Junior Team Staff
Football Canada
  • President - Richard Collette
  • Director of Sport: National teams, Technical and NCCP – Rick Sowieta
  • Operations Coordinator: Events, competitions, officials – Shannon Donovan

Head Coaches

  • Head Coach – Noel Thorpe

Offensive Coaches

  • Offensive Coordinator – Pat Boies
  • Quarterbacks - Michael Faulds
  • Running Backs - Gilles Lezi
  • Receivers – Kamau Peterson
  • Offensive Line - Alain Mainguy

Defensive Coaches

  • Defensive Coordinator – Warren Craney
  • Defensive Line – Brian Guebert
  • Defensive Backs – Devin Murphy

Special Teams Coaches

  • Special Teams Coordinator – Gilles Lezi
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach - Elliott Richardson


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