Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

The Canada Soccer Hall of Fame honours people and institutions for their contributions to Canadian soccer. It was founded in 1997 by the Ontario Soccer Association and was originally located in Vaughan, Ontario. From 2000 to 2018, the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame has inducted 114 players, 13 managers/coaches, 10 officials, and 40 builders as honoured members. Additionally, the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame has recognized 13 teams of distinction and seven organizations of distinction.

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
LocationOttawa, Ontario, Canada
TypeSport museum

After the Canadian Soccer Association Alumni Association was founded in 1987 and then The Soccer Hall of Fame was founded by the Ontario Soccer Association in 1997 (which was operated in Vaughan, Ontario), the new Canada Soccer Hall of Fame was launched in May 2017 under the direction of the Canadian Soccer Association in Ottawa, Ontario.[1] All previously-inducted members of The Soccer Hall of Fame as well as a catch-up class of 17 legends were named to the new Canada Soccer Hall of Fame.[2]

Honoured members 2000–2019

From 2000 to 2018, the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame has inducted 177 honoured members. The honoured members are organized in four categories: Players, Coaches/Managers, Officials, and Builders. The next class of honoured members will be inducted in 2019.

Names in italics are those persons inducted under the "Pioneer" category (established in 2007) or "Veteran Canadian Players" category (as the category was renamed in 2017). The next group of Veteran Canadian Players will be inducted in 2019.[3]




  • Stuart Brown: 2010
  • John Buchanan: 2006
  • Bert Goldberger: 2011


  • Dan Kulai: 2004
  • Horace Lyons: 2000
  • Ray Morgan: 2002
  • Werner Winsemann: 2000


  • George Anderson: 2000
  • Arther "Pop" Arnold: 2008
  • Brian Avey: 2010
  • Angus Barrett: 2012
  • Herb Capozzi: 2007
  • Jeff Cross: 2004
  • Sam Davidson: 2000
  • Gus Etchegarry: 2007
  • William Fenton: 2008
  • Jim Fleming: 2007
  • David Forsyth: 2000
  • Tomas Fried: 2000
  • Dave Fryatt: 2000
  • Bill Gilhespy: 2013
  • Rudy Gittens: 2007
  • George Gross: 2006
  • William Hoyle: 2011
  • Jim Hubay: 2015
  • Alex Hylan: 2013
  • Colin Jose: 2009
  • John Russell: 2010
  • Aubrey Sanford: 2003
  • Georges Schwartz: 2005
  • William Simpson: 2000
  • Alan Southard : 2003
  • Frederick Stambrook: 2006
  • Steve Stavro: 2005
  • William Stirling: 2000
  • Les Wilson: 2008
  • Derek Wisdom: 2009

Teams and Clubs of Distinction

Teams of Distinction


Organizations of distinction

Past awards

Brian Budd Award recipients

The Brian Budd Award recognizes those who have excelled both in soccer and in another endeavours but who might not otherwise qualify for induction. The candidate must exemplify good character, show outstanding dedication, achievements and leadership in developing soccer in Canada and provide inspiration to past, present and future generations.[5] The award honours the late Brian Budd, a Canadian soccer player who won the Superstars World Championship competition three years in a row from 1978 to 1980.


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