Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (French: Musée de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation du Canada) is a national museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It houses a modern working and experimental farm.[1] Its purpose is to display the history of farming in Canada,[2] to demonstrate advances in farming science and technology, and to show how these affect the lives of Canadians.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
LocationCentral Experimental Farm,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates45.387766°N 75.709083°W / 45.387766; -75.709083
TypeNational Museum

The museum holds exhibits, public programs,[3] facility rentals, special events, and live demonstrations.[4][5][6]

The museum also creates traveling exhibits which are brought to smaller museums throughout Canada.[7][8] It has an outdoor "energy park" which showcases renewable energy sources.[9]


The museum is operated by the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, which is responsible for preserving and protecting Canada's scientific and technical heritage. The Corporation has a staff of about 275 and is responsible for three museums: the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.[10]

The museum is affiliated with the Canadian Museums Association, the Canadian Heritage Information Network, and the Virtual Museum of Canada.

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