Camille D'Arcy

Camille D'Arcy (1879-September 26, 1916)[1]was a stage and silent film actress in the early years of the movie business up to 1916. A relatively large woman she played matron or character roles in silent films. During her short movie career all of her film appearances were with the Essanay Company out of Chicago. In private life she was married to Dr. Loren Wilder. In the fall of 1916 she went swimming in Lake Michigan, caught an infection and died at age 37 in Chicago.[2]

Camille D'Arcy
DiedSeptember 26, 1916
Other namesMrs. Loren Wilder
Years active1915-1916
Spouse(s)Loren Wilder


  • Third Hand High (1915)*short
  • The Strength of the Weak (1915)*short
  • The Fable of the Galumptious Girl (1915)*short
  • The Snow-Burner (1915)*short
  • The White Sister (1915)[3]
  • The Cave on Thunder Cloud (1915)*short
  • Mind Over Motor (1915)*short
  • Tish's Spy (1915)*short
  • The Circular Path (1915)*short
  • The Reaping (1915)*short
  • The Fable of the Escape of Arthur and the Salvation of Herbert (1915)*short
  • The Fable of the Low Down Expert on the Subject of Babies (1915)*short
  • A Daughter of the City (1915)[4]
  • Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines (1916)
  • Beyond the Law (1916)*short
  • Putting it Over (1916)*short
  • The Grouch (1916)*short
  • The Prince Chap (1916)
  • The Pacifist (1916)*short


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