Camerieri (Waiters) is a 1995 Italian comedy-drama film written and directed by Leone Pompucci. The film won two Silver Ribbons, for best screenplay and best supporting actress (to Regina Bianchi).[1]

Directed byLeone Pompucci
Produced byVittorio Cecchi Gori, Mario Cecchi Gori
Written byLeone Pompucci, Filippo Pichi, Paolo Rossi
StarringDiego Abatantuono, Paolo Villaggio, Marco Messeri, Ciccio Ingrassia
Music byCarlo Di Blasi
Paolo Rossi
CinematographyMassimo Pau
Edited byMauro Bonanni
Release date
Running time
96 min

Plot summary

In a restaurant six waiters are abandoned by their senior boss (Ciccio Ingrassia) who goes to the hospital for an illness. Salvatore Azzaro: the new owner, an old Roman hick, is going to give a cut to the staff and to renew the restaurant's decor; however he decides to make a bet. If the six waiters can serve him well during the evening celebration of his wedding anniversary, Salvatore Azzaro don't lay off them. But the task is difficult because the waiters hate each other and their customers to be served rather than human beings are utterly evil and bad manners.



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