Camelia (actor)

Camelia, born Lilian Victor Cohen was an Egyptian actress. She was born on December 13, 1929 and died on August 31, 1950.[1]


Camelia was born in Alexandria[2] from a French father and a mother of Italian origin, despite her Jewish surname, Camelia presented herself as a Christian.[1] She attended an English school in Alexandria where she was discovered by director Ahmed Salem who introduced her to his world in 1946 when she was only 17 years old.[1][3]

As a beautiful socialite in the high society of Alexandria she loved partying. Events surrounding her and her high-society relationships frequently appeared in the tabloids. In particular, gossip surrounding her relationships was often associated with that of Farouk of Egypt.[1][2][4]

Camelia was killed in the crash of TWA Flight 903 in 1950 when she was 21 years old. The accident added to the fame and mystery surrounding her image. Her tragic life and death are often compared to that of Marilyn Monroe. Conspiracy theories and speculation about espionage, especially in the context of Israel were also widespread in Egypt, but nothing has ever been proven. Despite a short career, she gained a place in the memory of the Egyptian audience and left a mark in the films that are still shown in Egypt. Atef Salem, the first to discover her, dedicated his film, "Barefoot on a Golden Bridge" to her.[3][2][4]

Selected Films

  • 1947: The Red Mask (el Qinâ el ahmar)
  • 1947: All Song (el Kol yeghanî)
  • 1948: Fetna (Fitnah)
  • 1948: A woman’s Imagination (Khayal Imra’ah)
  • 1949: Dazed Souls (Arwâh hâînah)
  • 1949: Such are Women (el Sitât Kida)
  • 1949: El Bahlawan Street (Châri el Bahlawan)
  • 1949: The Penny Owner (Sâhibat el malalim)
  • 1949: Midnight (Nos el layl)
  • 1949: My Child (Waladî)
  • 1949: The Murderer (el Qatilah)
  • 1950: A Woman of fire (Imraah min Nar)
  • 1950: Dad is Groom (Bâbâ ‘aris)
  • 1950: Full Moon (Qamar arba ‘tachar)
  • 1950: The Millionaire (el Millionair)
  • 1950: Mind is a Blessing (el ‘ Aql zînhah)
  • 1950: Last Lie (âkhir kedbah)
  • 1950: Cairo Road (El Tariq ela el Qâhirah)


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