Cambridge University Gliding Club

The Cambridge University Gliding Club (CUGC) is the gliding club of Cambridge University,[1] currently flying from Gransden Lodge Airfield.

Cambridge University Gliding Club
TypeSports Club


The club was founded on 12 February 1935[2] as the Cambridge Gliding Club but renamed later that year to Cambridge University Gliding Club. Ralph Slazenger provided the club with Zogling and a B.A.C. VII. The first launch took place from Caxton Gibbet, North of Cambridge.

Between 1935 and 1951 the club operated a range of sites, but then consolidated all flying to Cambridge Airport in East Cambridge. By 1968 the growth in aviation necessitated a move to the disused RAF Duxford. In the mid 1970s Duxford became part of the Imperial War Museum and the club moved again to Gransden Lodge Airfield.

In 1996 the club split into Cambridge Gliding Centre and Cambridge University Gliding Club, the two clubs are affiliated and operate from the same airfield and use the same facilities.


Training flying is performed using the Cambridge Gliding Centre fleet, CUGC however owns a Schleicher ASW 19 single seat glider.


The club holds the annual Varsity Match with Oxford University Gliding Club[3] and also attend the Inter-University Gliding Competition


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