Cambridge Institute of Criminology

The Institute of Criminology is the criminological institute within the Faculty of Law[1] at the University of Cambridge. Its multidisciplinary teaching and research staff are recruited from the disciplines of Law, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Sociology. It is located on the Sidgwick Site in the west of Cambridge, England.

Institute of Criminology
TypeDepartment of the University of Cambridge
Established1959 (1959)
Parent institution
Faculty of Law
DirectorProfessor Loraine Gelsthorpe


The Department of Criminal Science at the Faculty of Law was first established by Sir Leon Radzinowicz in 1938. As the field of criminology was met with increasing interest and success, Sir Leon Radzinowicz founded the Institute of Criminology in 1959 with the support of a benefaction from the Wolfson Foundation and the Howard League for Penal Reform.[2]

Research Centres

Academic Courses

The Institute offers a number of different courses,[3] including:

Notable people


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