California Kickers

California Kickers were a soccer club based in Hollywood, California. They joined the Western Soccer Alliance in 1986. They initially played as Hollywood Kickers before changing their name for the following season. In 1990 the team name was changed again, becoming the California Emperors when they joined the American Professional Soccer League. After the 1991 season, the team left the league to become an amateur club. In 1986 the first year the Kickers held open tryouts for the highest adult level players along with Collegiate players looking to play professional soccer, which was scarce once NASL folded their teams. On this first roster, there were standout local plays like: Martin Vasgues (Cal State LA and former indoor player for LA Lazers), Alberto Bru (Cal State LA player) Steve Singleman (Cal State LA), and Mike Page (Cal State LA), Mike Getchel (UCLA), Paul Krumpe (UCLA), Steve Ledezzma (Simi Valley High School), Rudy Ybarra (Former LA Aztecs and Santa Barbara), Armando Ceja (Cal State LA), Brian Myrdal (Mt. San Antonio) Getulio (Brazilian International player, São Paulo Brazil) Short season and no playoffs the Hollywood Kickers played consistently to win the first title of the Western Soccer Alliance expansion. Their home field was Birmingham High Stadium in Van Nuys California. Coached by Dietre from Germany.


Jaime Legaspi and Dean Foley ( 1990–2004 )

John Ajemian (1987-1989)

President and General Manager

Jaime Legaspi

Director of Operations

Dean Foley

Media Director

David Bolton

Head Coach

Rildo Menezes, Head Coach Template:Rildo was coach of Emperors and not Hollywood Kickers Osama Kahlil, Asst Coach Octavio Zambrano, Asst Coach and Youth Development Director

Octvio Zambrano, Legends-Emperors U 19 Head Coach Jaime Legaspi U 16 Blasters- Emperors Head Coach


Year Team Name League Reg. Season Playoffs
1986 Hollywood Kickers WSA 1st Champion (no playoffs)
1987 California Kickers WSA 6th Did not qualify
1988 WSA 5th Did not qualify
1989 WSL 5th, South Did not qualify
1990 California Emperors APSL 1st, WSL South WSL Semifinals


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