Cage of Girls

Cage of Girls (French: La cage aux filles) is a 1949 French drama film directed by Maurice Cloche and starring Danièle Delorme, Jacky Flynt and Louise Lagrange.[1] It is set in a women's prison.

Cage of Girls
Directed byMaurice Cloche
Produced byMaurice Cloche
Written byMaurice Cloche
Henri Danjou
Yves Mirande
Starring Danièle Delorme
Jacky Flynt
Louise Lagrange
Music byMarceau Van Hoorebecke
Cinematography Marcel Grignon
Les Films Maurice Cloche
Release date
10 October 1949
Running time
120 minutes

The film's sets were designed by René Renoux.


  • Danièle Delorme as Micheline
  • Jacky Flynt as Rita
  • Louise Lagrange as Alice Baudoin
  • Denise Bosc as La Mère Supérieure
  • Lise Topart as Sarah
  • Michel Marsay as Freddy
  • André Pasdoc as L'Aumônier
  • Geymond Vital as Pierre Mansois, oncle de Micheline
  • Jacques Verrières as Loulou
  • Jean-Marc Thibault as Edmond
  • Van Mullen
  • Carbonnat
  • Robichez
  • Marc Anthony
  • Eliane Charles as Tototte
  • Jacqueline Dor as Suzanne
  • Nicole Francis
  • Muni
  • Palmyre Levasseur as La surveillante en chef
  • Yvonne Hébert as La Femme de Freddy
  • Gaby Tyra
  • Françoise Beauté
  • Annie Noël
  • Sylvie Pelayo
  • Annick Martin
  • France Marion
  • Suzanne Flon as Mme. Edith
  • Noël Roquevert as Antoine Baudoin, le beau-père de Micheline
  • Marina de Berg as Colette
  • Hélène Rémy
  • Nina Lazareff
  • Françoise Barles
  • Ginette Frank
  • Liliane Charpentier
  • Madeleine Barbulée as Une surveillante
  • Joëlle Janin
  • Dominique Davray as Une élève du cours
  • Susi Jera
  • Christine Langart
  • Jane Daury
  • Yvonne Dany
  • Max Rogerys


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