Cadence Jazz Records

Cadence Jazz is an American record company and label specializing in noncommercial modern jazz. It is associated with Cadence Magazine.

Cadence Jazz
Founded1980 (1980)
FounderBob Rusch
Country of originU.S.
LocationRedwood, New York

Cadence Jazz was founded by Bob Rusch in Redwood, New York in 1980.[1] By 2000 the label had issued more than 100 albums. Its catalogue includes Marilyn Crispell, Beaver Harris, and Frank Lowe. This label is different from the Cadence that produced pop music in the 1950s and 1960s.[2][3]



Catalog # Album Artist Notes
1000LiveAhmed Abdullahlp only; w/ Vincent Chancey
1001Big BandSaheb Sarbiblp only; w/ Jemeel Moondoc, Jack Walrath
1002Beaver Harrislp only; w/ Grachan Moncur, III, Maurice McIntyre
1003Beaver Harrislp only; w/ Don Pullen, Hamiet Bluiett, McIntyre
1004Art of BopHugh Brodielp only
1006LiveJemeel Moondoclp only; w/ Roy Campbell, Wm. Parker
1007Frank Lowelp only; w/ Damon Choice, Butch Morris
1008UFOSaheb Sarbiblp only; w/ Mark Whitecage
1009Rams RunKalaparusha Maurice McIntyrelp only; w/ Julius Hemphill, Malachi Thompson
1010AishaSaheb Sarbiblp only; big band w/ Jameel Moondoc, Frank Wright
1011Olympia LiveBarbara Donaldlp only; w/ Carter Jefferson
1012Kim Parkerlp only
1013Bebop Loose & LiveJ. R. Monteroselp only
1014Dwight Jameslp only; w/ Byard Lancaster
1015Spirit MusicMarilyn Crispelllp only; w/ Billy Bang
1016Rory Stuart QuartetRory Stuartlp only
1017Barbara Donaldlp only; w/ Carter Jefferson
1018An Engineer of SoundsJimmy Stewartlp only
1019The ImproviserChet Baker
1020Shapes Sounds TheorySteve Cohnlp only; w/ Reggie Workman
1021OK!Lee Shawlp only
1022Chasin' a ClassicBob Nelllp only
1024/25CollectionBill Dixon
1026Borbetomagus JamBorbetomaguslp only; w/ Toshinori Kondo, Peter Kowald
1027RainsplashAlan SimonCD only
1028Tough Tenor Red HotErnie Krivdalp only
1029Sextet LiveAbdul Zahir Batinlp only; w/ Bobby Watson, Robin Eubanks
1030Rhythm-A-NingThorgeir Stubølp only
1031Red Green & BluePaula Owenlp only
1032Man with a SaxRobert Shurelp only; w/ Heikki Samanto
1033Shades of MeaningDavid Sidmanlp only; w/ Thurman Barker
1034ScenarioJoe Lockelp only; w/ Andy Laverne
1035ChicplacityJon Hazillalp only; w/ John Hicks
1036End of a TuneThorgeir Stubølp only; w/ Art Farmer, Doug Ramey
1037Sonic ExplorationsMatthew Shipplp only; w/ Rob Brown
1038Nostalgia in Times SquarePeter Compolp only
1039Well You Needn'tErnie Krivdalp only
1040She's BackJan Labatelp only
1041Colour CircleWilliam Hookerlp only; w/ Roy Campbell
1042Endangered SpeciesPaul Flahertylp only
1043Compelling ForcesErroll Parkerlp only
1044Setting the StandardEllery Eskelinlp only
1045HomecomingAbbey RaderCD only; w/ Dave Liebman
1046ImpactPaul Flahertylp only
1047What Is This Magic?Paula Owenfrom 1047 only in CD format
1048Searching for HarmonyAlvaro Is Rojas
1050Seeking SpiritBobby Zankelw/ Odeon Pope, Johnny Coles
1051InnocenceJoe Gallivanbig band, w/ Evan Parker
1052Home on the RangeChuck Florencew/ Jaki Byard, Alan Dawson
1053DreamlandDarrell Katz Jazz Composers Alliancew/ Julius Hemphill
1054Fat OnionsPaul Flaherty
1055Between Speech & SongEric Pakula
1056So Nice to Meet YouErnie Krivda
1057All Stories Are TrueDavid Whitew/ Valery Ponomarev
1058Bitten MoonJon Hazilla
1059Emerging from EarthBobby Zankelw/ Uri Caine
1060Is Waiting for YouMichael Pagan
1061Tonal AdventuresAlvaro Is Rojas
1062PoGressionsLou Grassiw/ Herb Robertson, Perry Robinson, Steve Swell
1063Covert ChoreographyMichael Bisio
106448 MotivesScott Fieldsw/ Joseph Jarman, Marilyn Crispell
1065Falling in Flat SpaceHerb Robertsonw/ Dominic Duval
1066Blue Monk VariationsIvo Perelman
1067Tom Cohen
1068Last DetailJohn Stevens
1069Seeing New York from the EarFrode Gjerstadw/ Rashid Bakr, Wm. Parker
1070Red Rope: 3 Pieces for 2 PlayersGeorge Cartwright
1071Passion SuiteDale Fielder
1072Nightbird InventionsDominic Duvalsolo bass
1073Inside the SphereMick Rossi
1074Velvet HeatPieter Ostrander
1075Great Concert, volume 1Paul Plummer
1076Bendito of Santa CruzIvo Perelmanwith Matthew Shipp
1077Encounters with MyselfAlvaro Is Rojas
1078Great Concert, volume 2Paul Plummer
1079Essential ExpressionsPaul Dumall
1080Suite EmpathyEhran Elishaw/ Roy Campbell
1081Kith 'n Kin OrchestraThomas Borgmann
1082The Twilight of TimeKen Simon
1083There Will Never Be Another YouRick Holland
1084In Concert at BimhuisNoah Howardw/ Bobby Few
1085Bottoms OutJoe Fondaw/ Mark Whitecage
1086No TrainSteuart Liebigw/ Vinny Golia
1087Shades of GreeneBurton Greenesolo
1088Sweet DreamsPucci Amanda Jhonesw/ Kenny Barron
1089Ikosa MuraFrode Gjerstadw/ Bobby Bradford, Borah Bergmann
1090Toni's Delight: Live in SeoulHeinz Geisserw/ Guerino Mazzola
1091BorealisFrode Gjerstadw/ the Circulasione Totale Orchestra
1092Qu'a: Live at the Irridium, volume 1Cecil Taylor
1093Only BelieveDon Glandenw/ Ernie Watts
1094The Free Improv Ensemble (1964)The Free Improv Ensemblew/ Burton Greene
1095Second CourseMarc Sabatella
1096Positive SettingsRick Holland
1097Live In ConcertDominic Duval's String Ensemble
1098Qu'a Yuba: Live at the Irridium, vol. 2Cecil Taylor
1099Invisible TouchFrode Gjerstad and Peter Brötzmann
1100Interludes of Breath and SubstanceMatthew Goodheart with Leo Smith
1103UtteranceGlenn Spearman and John Heward
1104Hollywood WeddingAdam Lane
1105The Dream BookJoe McPhee and Dominic Duval
1106RaptureTrio X with Rosi Hertlein
1107AnahadPaul Flaherty and Randall Colbourne Quintet
1108UltimaFrode Gjerstad Trio
1109GroundworkJoe Rosenberg Group
1110CrossingsMatthew Goodheart & Dominic Duval
1111Cries and WhispersDominic Duval Quintet
1112FaithFred Hess / Boulder Creative Music Ensemble
1113Over the EdgeTom DeSteno and Bob Magnuson
1117Knudstock 2000Herb Robertson
1120BadlandsExpositions of Freedom . . . Now!
1122HeliopolisHeinz Geisser / Guerino Mazzola Quartet
1123Calling All SpiritsAvram Fefer Trio
1126The Blessing LightFrode Gjerstad Trio
1127Primal IntentionsMichael Bisio and Joe Giardullo
1128Voluminous VentureMasashi Harada and Barre Phillips
1129AntipodesSteuart Liebig, Vinny Golia and Billy Mintz
1130TierraMathias Rissi, Guerino Mazzola and Heinz Geisser
1133No(w) MusicAdam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra
1134On TourTrio X
1136Caramel Topped TerrierDavid Haney Quartet
1139Steve Swell Presents Particle Data GroupSteve Swell
1140Sound QuestImplicate Order
1142Cycle LogicalJimmy Halperin with Don Messina and Bill Chattin
1143Post-DeconstructionGiancarlo Schiaffini and Peter Fraize
1144In Black and WhiteTrio X
1148One Eyed JackJoseph Scianni
1149A Place for JazzLee Shaw Trio
1150AguaMathias Rissi, Guerino Mazzola and Heinz Geisser
1151Live in ParisThe Jemeel Moondoc All-Stars
1152Trips Jobs and JourneysNoah Rosen
1153In, Thru, and OutJazz Composers Alliance Orchestra
1155/56Duocity in Brass & WoodPaul Smoker
1158CosmosAbbey Rader and Dave Liebman
1159This Now!Steve Swell's Unified Theory of Sound
1161The Welsh ChapelFrode Gjerstad with John Edwards and Mark Sanders
1166Intuitive StructuresKevin Norton's Living Language
1168Rapt CirclePatrick Brennan
1169All the NotesCecil Taylor
1170Opening the GatesJames Finn
1173ComposanceMichael Bisio Trio
1174Slammin' the InfiniteSteve Swell
1176WellSprings Suite Quintet Moderne
1177Kaivalya Volume 1Paul Flaherty and Marc Edwards
1180Long Night WaitingThe Gauci Trio
1183Beyond Is and Is NotThe Gauci Trio
1184Jack RabbittDon Menza, John Bacon and Bobby Jones
1185In the StillhouseThe Slam Trio
1186In FinlandJoe McPhee, Matthew Shipp and Dominic Duval
1187Eric Zinman EnsembleEric Zinman
1188Don't Count On GloryLindsey Horner
1189Big HeartsKatsuyuki Itakura, Blaise Siwula and Ryusaku Ikezawa
1190We're Comin' Just One TimeThe Gauci Trio
1191Live At Kaldi’sRon Enyard and Paula Owen with Cal Collins, Ed Felson
1192Live at the Guelph FestivalMarshall Allen and Lou Grassi
1193BuffaloAdam Lane Quartet
1196Seth Meicht TrioSeth Meicht Trio
1197Reqiphoenix NexusThe C.T. Trio with Joe McPhee
1198Soul CallingIvo Perelman with Dominic Duval
1199Kaivalya Volume 2Paul Flaherty and Marc Edwards
1200Roulette at Location OneTrio X


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