Cabinet of Brazil


Ministers assist the President in the exercise of executive power. Each minister is responsible for the general administration of a government portfolio, and heads the corresponding government ministry. Ministers prepare standards, monitor and evaluate federal programs, and formulate and implement policies for the sectors they represent. They are also responsible for establishing strategies, policies and priorities in the application of public resources. Generally, the minister considered to be the highest-ranking is the Chief of Staff, while other high-profile ministers include Finance, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Defense.

Current cabinet

As of 13 June 2019:[1][2]

Cabinet of Brazil
Office Name Political party
President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro
Vice President of Brazil Hamilton Mourão PRTB
Chief of Staff Onyx Lorenzoni DEM
Secretary of Government Luiz Eduardo Ramos
Secretary-General of the Presidency Jorge de Oliveira Francisco
Attorney General André Luiz de Almeida Mendonça
Institutional Security Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira
President of the Central Bank Roberto Campos Neto
Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Tereza Cristina DEM
Citizenship Osmar Terra MDB
Comptroller-General of the Union Wagner Rosário
Defence Fernando Azevedo e Silva
Economy Paulo Guedes
Education Abraham Weintraub
Environment Ricardo de Aquino Salles
Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araújo
Health Luiz Henrique Mandetta DEM
Infrastructure Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas
Justice and Public Security Sérgio Moro
Mines and Energy Bento Costa Lima Leite
Regional Development Gustavo Canuto
Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications Marcos Pontes PSL
Tourism Marcelo Álvaro Antônio PSL
Women, Family and Human Rights Damares Alves

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