Cabinet Division

The Cabinet Division (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ মন্ত্রিপরিষদ বিভাগBānlādēśa Mantripariṣada bibhāga) is responsible for the administration of the Government of Bangladesh and facilitating smooth transaction of business in Cabinet Ministries. The Division assists in decision-making in Government by ensuring Inter-Ministerial coordination, ironing out differences amongst Ministries/ Departments and evolving consensus through the instrumentality of the standing/ adhoc Committees of Secretaries. The Cabinet Secretary who is assisted by seven Additional Secretaries in the performance of assigned business heads the Cabinet Division under the Prime Minister as the Minister In-charge.

Cabinet Division of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
বাংলাদেশ মন্ত্রিপরিষদ বিভাগ
Bānlādēśa Mantripariṣada bibhāga
Agency overview
Formed19 October 1991
HeadquartersBuilding No. 1, Room No. 301 Bangladesh Secretariat Dhaka-1000.
Minister responsible
Agency executives
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In 1972, the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs was created to provide secretarial assistance to the government of Bangladesh. After 1975, it was placed under President's Office.

After 1991, the presidential system of government by Act of Parliament was abolished, and by October 1991, Cabinet Division was formed as a full-fledged administrative unit.[1]


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