CTRS standings

The Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS), is a point system used by Curling Canada to rank men's and women's curling teams across Canada. They are determined through points earned in various curling bonspiels held worldwide throughout the season.

CTRS points are the basis of the World Curling Tour's Order of Merit and are also used as criteria in identifying teams that qualify for the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials. Beginning in 2018, the top two CTRS teams that do not otherwise qualify for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts or Tim Hortons Brier will earn the right to compete in a play-in game for a wildcard berth in those tournaments.

The following lists the top 25 teams in the CTRS standings for each curling season beginning in 2003-04.

Past records


Rank Men Women
Province Skip Province Skip
1 ManitobaJeff Stoughton SaskatchewanSherry Anderson
2 OntarioWayne Middaugh Nova ScotiaColleen Jones
3 AlbertaJohn Morris AlbertaShannon Kleibrink
4  Alberta Randy Ferbey  OntarioSherry Middaugh (tie)
 QuebecMarie-France Larouche (tie)
5 AlbertaKevin Martin
6 OntarioGlenn Howard British ColumbiaKelly Scott
7 Nova ScotiaMark Dacey AlbertaRenelle Bryden
8 SaskatchewanBrad Heidt ManitobaJennifer Jones
9 ManitobaKerry Burtnyk QuebecBrenda Nicholls
10 SaskatchewanGlen Despins ManitobaLois Fowler
11 SaskatchewanPat Simmons AlbertaRenee Sonnenberg
12 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue (tie)  Saskatchewan Amber Holland
 ManitobaDave Boehmer (tie)
13 SaskatchewanCathy Trowell
14 British ColumbiaJay Peachey AlbertaAtina Johnston
15 AlbertaJamie King British ColumbiaGeorgina Wheatcroft
16 SaskatchewanBruce Korte Newfoundland and LabradorCathy Cunningham
17 AlbertaJamie Koe QuebecChantal Osborne
18 New BrunswickRuss Howard Nova ScotiaHeather Smith-Dacey
19 ManitobaVic Peters OntarioMarilyn Bodogh
20 QuebecGuy Hemmings ManitobaCathy Overton-Clapham
21 OntarioMike Harris AlbertaCathy King
22 AlbertaKevin Park SaskatchewanJune Campbell
23 ManitobaBrent Scales (tie)  Ontario Anne Merklinger
 SaskatchewanTroy Robinson (tie)
 OntarioRob Gordon (tie)
 SaskatchewanScott Coghlan (tie)
24  SaskatchewanJan Betker (tie)
 OntarioJanet McGhee (tie)
 Newfoundland and LabradorLaura Phillips (tie)
 Newfoundland and LabradorHeather Strong (tie)


Rank Men Women
Province Skip Province Skip
1 AlbertaKevin Martin AlbertaShannon Kleibrink
2 AlbertaRandy Ferbey British ColumbiaKelly Scott
3 OntarioGlenn Howard SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton
4 ManitobaJeff Stoughton AlbertaCathy King
5 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue AlbertaRenelle Bryden
6 SaskatchewanPat Simmons AlbertaCheryl Bernard
7 OntarioWayne Middaugh ManitobaJennifer Jones
8 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard SaskatchewanJan Betker
9 ManitobaKerry Burtnyk OntarioJenn Hanna
10 ManitobaDave Boehmer AlbertaRenee Sonnenberg
11 AlbertaJohn Morris SaskatchewanMichelle Englot
12 New BrunswickRuss Howard OntarioSherry Middaugh
13 Nova ScotiaShawn Adams OntarioAnne Merklinger
14 British ColumbiaPat Ryan OntarioJo-Ann Rizzo
15 SaskatchewanGlen Despins SaskatchewanSherry Anderson
16 ManitobaRandy Dutiaume QuebecMarie-France Larouche
17 AlbertaJamie King OntarioChristina Cadorin
18 British ColumbiaBob Ursel QuebecBrenda Nicholls
19 AlbertaAllan Lyburn Nova ScotiaKay Zinck
20 SaskatchewanBruce Korte New BrunswickSandy Comeau
21 OntarioPeter Corner Nova ScotiaColleen Jones
22 OntarioMike Harris OntarioJanet McGhee
23 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock AlbertaAtina Johnston/Heather Nedohin
24 British ColumbiaDeane Horning Prince Edward IslandRebecca Jean MacPhee
25 Prince Edward IslandRoddy MacDonald Nova ScotiaHeather Smith-Dacey


Rank Men Women
Province Skip Province Skip
1 AlbertaKevin Martin ManitobaJennifer Jones
2 AlbertaRandy Ferbey British ColumbiaKelly Scott
3 OntarioGlenn Howard AlbertaShannon Kleibrink
4 AlbertaJohn Morris AlbertaCathy King
5 ManitobaJeff Stoughton SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton
6 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue SaskatchewanJan Betker
7 OntarioWayne Middaugh ManitobaJanet Harvey
8 Nova ScotiaMark Dacey AlbertaRenee Sonnenberg
9 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard OntarioJenn Hanna
10 SaskatchewanPat Simmons OntarioSherry Middaugh
11 British ColumbiaBob Ursel SaskatchewanSherry Anderson
12 British ColumbiaPat Ryan Newfoundland and LabradorHeather Strong
13 AlbertaMark Johnson AlbertaCheryl Bernard
14 QuebecPierre Charette AlbertaHeather Rankin
15 SaskatchewanBruce Korte QuebecÈve Bélisle
16 Nova ScotiaShawn Adams SaskatchewanAmber Holland
17 OntarioMike Harris OntarioJanet McGhee
18 ManitobaDave Boehmer OntarioAnne Merklinger
19 ManitobaGraham Feeman New BrunswickAndrea Kelly
20 SaskatchewanBrad Heidt SaskatchewanCandace Chisholm
21 ManitobaVic Peters Prince Edward IslandSuzanne Gaudet
22 Northwest TerritoriesJamie Koe New BrunswickSandy Comeau
23 ManitobaRyan Fry AlbertaRenelle Bryden
24 SaskatchewanGlen Despins SaskatchewanKaren Purdy
25 British ColumbiaSean Geall SaskatchewanTracy Streifel


Rank Men[1] Women[2]
Province Skip Province Skip
1 AlbertaKevin Martin ManitobaJennifer Jones
2 OntarioGlenn Howard British ColumbiaKelly Scott
3 AlbertaRandy Ferbey SaskatchewanSherry Anderson
4 AlbertaKevin Koe AlbertaCheryl Bernard
5 ManitobaJeff Stoughton AlbertaShannon Kleibrink
6 SaskatchewanPat Simmons AlbertaCathy King
7 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton
8 ManitobaKerry Burtnyk OntarioSherry Middaugh
9 SaskatchewanJoel Jordison British ColumbiaKelley Law
10 OntarioWayne Middaugh ManitobaKaren Porritt
11 AlbertaMark Johnson AlbertaCrystal Webster
12 AlbertaDon Walchuk AlbertaDeb Santos
13 OntarioJohn Base SaskatchewanJan Betker
14 QuebecPierre Charette Prince Edward IslandSuzanne Gaudet
15 AlbertaJamie King AlbertaRenelle Bryden
16 SaskatchewanBruce Korte Newfoundland and LabradorHeather Strong
17 Nova ScotiaShawn Adams ManitobaDarcy Robertson
18 QuebecRobert Desjardins AlbertaHeather Rankin
19 ManitobaReid Carruthers OntarioKrista Scharf
20 ManitobaVic Peters OntarioJenn Hanna
21 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard OntarioColleen Madonia
22 British ColumbiaBrent Pierce OntarioCarrie Lindner
23 OntarioJohn Epping QuebecChantal Osborne
24 AlbertaKurt Balderston OntarioJanet McGhee
25 OntarioBryan Cochrane Nova ScotiaKay Zinck


Rank Men[3] Women[4]
Province Skip Province Skip
1 OntarioGlenn Howard ManitobaJennifer Jones
2 AlbertaKevin Martin AlbertaShannon Kleibrink
3 AlbertaKevin Koe British ColumbiaKelly Scott
4 ManitobaKerry Burtnyk SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton
5 SaskatchewanPat Simmons OntarioSherry Middaugh
6 ManitobaJeff Stoughton AlbertaCheryl Bernard
7 OntarioWayne Middaugh SaskatchewanMichelle Englot
8 AlbertaRandy Ferbey SaskatchewanSherry Anderson
9 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue AlbertaCathy King
10 British ColumbiaBob Ursel OntarioKrista McCarville
11 British ColumbiaGreg McAulay SaskatchewanAmber Holland
12 ManitobaMike McEwen QuebecÈve Bélisle
13 Nova ScotiaShawn Adams AlbertaHeather Rankin
14 OntarioPeter Corner AlbertaKristie Moore
15 SaskatchewanJoel Jordison QuebecMarie-France Larouche
16 ManitobaReid Carruthers Newfoundland and LabradorHeather Strong
17 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard OntarioJulie Reddick
18 QuebecMartin Ferland Prince Edward IslandSuzanne Gaudet
19 New BrunswickRuss Howard OntarioAlison Goring
20 AlbertaJamie King AlbertaRenee Sonnenberg
21 ManitobaVic Peters SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle
22 QuebecRobert Desjardins SaskatchewanJolene McIvor
23 OntarioKirk Ziola ManitobaJanet Harvey (tie)
 AlbertaDeb Santos (tie)
24 AlbertaCharley Thomas
25 QuebecFrançois Gagné OntarioRachel Homan


Rank Men[5] Women[6]
Province Skip Points Province Skip Points
1 OntarioGlenn Howard312.15 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink239.75
2 AlbertaKevin Martin307.25 ManitobaJennifer Jones203.40
3 AlbertaRandy Ferbey207.80 QuebecMarie-France Larouche183.30
4 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue205.15 AlbertaCheryl Bernard181.00
5 OntarioWayne Middaugh195.15 SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton150.00
6 ManitobaJeff Stoughton193.70 British ColumbiaKelly Scott114.45
7 ManitobaMike McEwen178.95 OntarioSherry Middaugh112.25
8 ManitobaKerry Burtnyk167.00 SaskatchewanMichelle Englot100.25
9 AlbertaKevin Koe165.25 AlbertaHeather Rankin92.80
10 SaskatchewanJoel Jordison105.60 OntarioRachel Homan89.90
11 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard99.50 AlbertaCrystal Webster83.45
12 AlbertaTed Appelman98.15 British ColumbiaMarla Mallett81.60
13 British ColumbiaSean Geall89.15 AlbertaCathy King81.35
14 AlbertaChris Schille79.05 OntarioKrista McCarville81.10
15 OntarioDale Matchett78.85 ManitobaBarb Spencer75.15
16 British ColumbiaBob Ursel77.30 SaskatchewanAmber Holland67.95
17 OntarioBrad Jacobs70.00 QuebecEve Bélisle60.40
18 SaskatchewanBrad Heidt64.05 Nova ScotiaMary-Anne Arsenault54.70
19 SaskatchewanPat Simmons61.75 British ColumbiaAllison MacInnes49.40
20 ManitobaReid Carruthers58.60 AlbertaRenee Sonnenberg45.35
21 AlbertaSteve Petryk54.60 Newfoundland and LabradorHeather Strong44.40
22 New BrunswickRuss Howard53.80 OntarioJulie Reddick44.35
23 QuebecGuy Hemmings51.05 SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle43.10
24 British ColumbiaGreg McAulay45.60 SaskatchewanSherry Anderson42.60
25 SaskatchewanWarren Hassall45.30 AlbertaKristie Moore39.80


Rank Men[7] Women[8]
Province Skip Points Province Skip Points
1 AlbertaKevin Martin255.85 ManitobaJennifer Jones239.48
2 OntarioGlenn Howard235.60 AlbertaCheryl Bernard208.82
3 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue187.02 British ColumbiaKelly Scott156.88
4 AlbertaKevin Koe172.71 SaskatchewanAmber Holland154.08
5 ManitobaJeff Stoughton167.12 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink118.68
6 AlbertaRandy Ferbey154.11 SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton111.36
7 ManitobaMike McEwen149.71 OntarioKrista McCarville107.40
8 OntarioWayne Middaugh138.07 AlbertaCrystal Webster105.94
9 British ColumbiaBob Ursel122.55 OntarioJo-Ann Rizzo86.43
10 SaskatchewanPat Simmons113.88 AlbertaCathy King85.26
11 OntarioDale Matchett96.26 QuebecÈve Bélisle77.99
12 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard94.81 AlbertaHeather Nedohin70.26
13 ManitobaJason Gunnlaugson93.04 AlbertaValerie Sweeting58.28
14 ManitobaKerry Burtnyk83.25 OntarioRachel Homan56.63
15 OntarioPeter Corner80.08 OntarioCathy Auld47.04
16 AlbertaTed Appelman78.35 ManitobaKerri Flett43.32
17 QuebecMartin Ferland73.04 ManitobaJanet Harvey41.70
18 OntarioBrad Jacobs70.315 OntarioJacqueline Harrison40.12
19 ManitobaReid Carruthers67.10 OntarioJulie Hastings39.50
20 OntarioGreg Balsdon66.46 QuebecMarie-France Larouche35.78
21 British ColumbiaSean Geall62.17 ManitobaChelsea Carey32.96
22 OntarioJake Higgs57.30 AlbertaHeather Rankin30.50
23 AlbertaChris Schille45.83 OntarioSherry Middaugh29.65
24 ManitobaDavid Bohn44.05 ManitobaJill Thurston28.00
25 QuebecSimon Dupuis41.71 ManitobaKristy Jenion27.71


Rank Men[9] Women[10]
Province Skip Points Province Skip Points
1 AlbertaKevin Martin256.04 ManitobaJennifer Jones214.90
2 ManitobaMike McEwen238.32 SaskatchewanAmber Holland171.92
3 ManitobaJeff Stoughton226.21 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink169.84
4 OntarioGlenn Howard222.52 AlbertaHeather Nedohin154.10
5 AlbertaKevin Koe172.36 ManitobaChelsea Carey149.27
6 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue136.26 SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton145.89
7 SaskatchewanPat Simmons114.58 OntarioRachel Homan145.89
8 OntarioWayne Middaugh113.29 AlbertaCheryl Bernard105.24
9 ManitobaRob Fowler107.46 ManitobaCathy Overton-Clapham95.76
10 OntarioJohn Epping100.58 AlbertaJessie Kaufman79.56
11 OntarioBrad Jacobs91.11 AlbertaDesiree Owen70.69
12 British ColumbiaBob Ursel89.78 OntarioSherry Middaugh70.29
13 QuebecJean-Michel Menard84.21 British ColumbiaKelly Scott69.73
14 OntarioDale Matchett82.92 ManitobaJill Thurston63.48
15 AlbertaDon Walchuk68.04 OntarioKrista McCarville57.05
16 OntarioMark Kean63.21 AlbertaValerie Sweeting41.04
17 AlbertaRobert Schlender61.44 OntarioKirsten Wall38.75
18 QuebecSerge Reid60.79 OntarioTracy Horgan38.44
19 OntarioMark Bice60.73 AlbertaHeather Rankin37.35
20 AlbertaBrock Virtue56.28 Prince Edward IslandKathy O'Rourke37.12
21 OntarioMathew Camm54.66 OntarioAlison Goring34.51
22 AlbertaBrent Bawel49.59 SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle31.35
23 OntarioGreg Balsdon48.74 QuebecMarie-France Larouche30.14
24 QuebecMartin Ferland46.62 AlbertaRenee Sonnenberg29.13
25 OntarioJake Higgs43.58 Nova ScotiaColleen Jones29.00


Rank Men[11] Women[10]
Province Skip Points Province Skip Points
1 OntarioGlenn Howard268.52 ManitobaJennifer Jones199.35
2 ManitobaMike McEwen237.81 AlbertaHeather Nedohin154.615
3 AlbertaKevin Martin212.47 OntarioSherry Middaugh137.575
4 AlbertaKevin Koe158.96 ManitobaCathy Overton-Clapham135.90
5 OntarioJohn Epping155.95 SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton133.335
6 ManitobaJeff Stoughton142.455 ManitobaChelsea Carey95.70
7 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue124.655 AlbertaCrystal Webster87.75
8 ManitobaRob Fowler112.395 AlbertaCheryl Bernard81.715
9 AlbertaRandy Ferbey91.70 AlbertaRenee Sonnenberg76.965
10 OntarioBrad Jacobs87.22 British ColumbiaKelly Scott70.414
11 OntarioRob Rumfeldt84.285 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink64.75
12 British ColumbiaJim Cotter81.15 AlbertaValerie Sweeting48.32
13 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock80.475 OntarioRachel Homan43.195
14 QuebecJean-Michel Menard70.97 AlbertaJessie Kaufman42.95
15 AlbertaBrock Virtue64.595 AlbertaDana Ferguson42.60
16 OntarioMark Kean56.334 OntarioKrista McCarville38.75
17 OntarioJake Higgs50.805 SaskatchewanAmber Holland38.589
18 AlbertaSteve Petryk44.749 ManitobaBarb Spencer36.839
19 OntarioGreg Balsdon44.025 OntarioLaura Crocker36.425
20 AlbertaJamie King41.77 British ColumbiaKelley Law35.53
21 QuebecRobert Desjardins41.571 SaskatchewanMichelle Englot34.612
22 OntarioChris Gardner39.615 OntarioTracy Horgan32.555
23 British ColumbiaBrent Pierce38.26 Prince Edward IslandSuzanne Birt32.36
24 AlbertaRobert Schlender37.385 Nova ScotiaHeather Smith-Dacey32.00
25 Prince Edward IslandBrett Gallant32.90 OntarioAllison Nimik29.785


Province Skip Points
 ManitobaJeff Stoughton243.500
 OntarioGlenn Howard234.020
 AlbertaKevin Koe218.240
 OntarioBrad Jacobs204.800
 ManitobaMike McEwen198.175
 AlbertaKevin Martin160.460
 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue148.655
 OntarioJohn Epping140.120
 OntarioMark Kean111.050
 British ColumbiaJim Cotter102.605
 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock89.489
 OntarioJoe Frans76.520
 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard76.255
 OntarioGreg Balsdon72.815
 ManitobaRob Fowler68.000
 OntarioBryan Cochrane67.165
 Nova ScotiaMark Dacey54.910
 ManitobaWilliam Lyburn54.025
 British ColumbiaBrent Pierce51.625
 AlbertaBrendan Bottcher44.625
 OntarioJake Higgs43.195
 OntarioRob Rumfeldt36.940
 AlbertaJamie King34.630
 SaskatchewanRandy Bryden31.160
 QuebecMartin Ferland30.820
Province Skip Points
 OntarioRachel Homan225.400
 ManitobaJennifer Jones202.800
 SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton201.450
 AlbertaHeather Nedohin144.050
 ManitobaChelsea Carey136.000
 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink121.125
 OntarioSherry Middaugh112.910
 AlbertaLaura Crocker99.330
 AlbertaRenée Sonnenberg96.850
 AlbertaCheryl Bernard83.745
 AlbertaCrystal Webster75.000
 SaskatchewanAmber Holland67.330
 AlbertaValerie Sweeting67.180
 British ColumbiaKelly Scott67.000
 OntarioCathy Auld57.020
 OntarioTracy Horgan53.335
 ManitobaBarb Spencer38.350
 SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle35.675
 Nova ScotiaMary-Anne Arsenault32.685
 ManitobaCathy Overton-Clapham31.000
 AlbertaCasey Scheidegger30.155
 SaskatchewanJill Shumay28.510
 AlbertaLisa Eyamie20.665
 Prince Edward IslandSuzanne Birt19.300
 OntarioAllison Nimik18.725


Province Skip Points
 OntarioBrad Jacobs264.000
 AlbertaKevin Koe208.000
 AlbertaKevin Martin200.250
 OntarioGlenn Howard195.000
 ManitobaMike McEwen183.910
 ManitobaJeff Stoughton183.000
 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue181.980
 British ColumbiaJohn Morris148.780
 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock99.150
 OntarioMark Kean82.425
 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard69.240
 SaskatchewanBrock Virtue65.860
 OntarioGreg Balsdon61.650
 OntarioBryan Cochrane59.500
 OntarioJohn Epping48.000
 ManitobaRob Fowler41.175
 OntarioRobert Rumfeldt41.215
 OntarioJoe Frans41.500
 AlbertaBrendan Bottcher38.860
 New BrunswickJames Grattan38.260
 OntarioJake Higgs34.790
 OntarioWayne Tuck, Jr.30.410
 AlbertaMatthew Blandford35.490
 SaskatchewanScott Bitz24.815
 OntarioMike Anderson24.220
Province Skip Points
 ManitobaJennifer Jones265.000
 OntarioRachel Homan216.420
 AlbertaValerie Sweeting149.390
 SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton134.360
 ManitobaChelsea Carey108.520
 AlbertaHeather Nedohin93.470
 OntarioSherry Middaugh90.050
 AlbertaRenée Sonnenberg77.250
 AlbertaCrystal Webster62.000
 OntarioAllison Flaxey50.175
 AlbertaCheryl Bernard46.300
 OntarioJulie Hastings41.635
 ManitobaBarb Spencer36.260
 British ColumbiaKelly Scott33.500
 ManitobaJill Thurston32.950
 SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle31.835
 OntarioCathy Auld29.670
 Nova ScotiaHeather Smith27.850
 AlbertaLaura Crocker27.000
 SaskatchewanAmber Holland25.500
 AlbertaCasey Scheidegger22.630
 AlbertaKelsey Rocque21.250
 ManitobaJanet Harvey20.000
 SaskatchewanPenny Barker19.625
 SaskatchewanMichelle Englot18.600


Member Association Skip Points[14]
 ManitobaMike McEwen287.000
 Northern OntarioBrad Jacobs244.000
 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue190.950
 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock152.615
 AlbertaKevin Koe147.730
 ManitobaReid Carruthers142.230
 OntarioJohn Epping141.500
 OntarioGlenn Howard124.000
 AlbertaBrendan Bottcher122.275
 AlbertaJohn Morris108.000
 ManitobaJeff Stoughton93.015
 Prince Edward IslandAdam Casey88.530
 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard67.720
 OntarioDon Bowser61.595
 OntarioMark Kean58.000
 British ColumbiaJim Cotter46.975
 AlbertaMick Lizmore43.545
 SaskatchewanJason Jacobson32.575
 OntarioRobert Rumfeldt29.100
 Nova ScotiaChad Stevens29.020
 OntarioPeter Corner26.990
 British ColumbiaBrent Pierce26.615
 OntarioPat Ferris26.600
 ManitobaWilliam Lyburn26.475
 OntarioJoe Frans23.885
Member Association Skip Points[15]
 ManitobaJennifer Jones226.400
 AlbertaValerie Sweeting211.970
 OntarioRachel Homan202.080
 OntarioSherry Middaugh118.960
 AlbertaHeather Nedohin113.620
 ManitobaJill Thurston85.751
 ManitobaKristy McDonald81.175
 AlbertaChelsea Carey74.180
 Northern OntarioTracy Fleury72.360
 OntarioJulie Hastings62.205
 SaskatchewanSherry Anderson49.520
 ManitobaBarb Spencer43.395
 SaskatchewanMichelle Englot40.091
 ManitobaMichelle Montford32.275
 ManitobaKerri Einarson29.150
 SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle27.900
 AlbertaKelsey Rocque25.470
 AlbertaCasey Scheidegger25.340
 OntarioBreanne Meakin24.105
 QuebecLauren Mann23.783
 OntarioErin Morrissey23.295
 British ColumbiaKelly Scott22.481
 OntarioJacqueline Harrison21.650
 SaskatchewanTrish Paulsen20.480
 OntarioDanielle Inglis18.570


Member Association Skip Points[16]
 AlbertaKevin Koe531.160
 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue527.643
 ManitobaMike McEwen457.921
 ManitobaReid Carruthers397.844
 OntarioJohn Epping369.167
 Northern OntarioBrad Jacobs345.129
 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock324.012
 OntarioGlenn Howard268.134
 AlbertaCharley Thomas224.781
 British ColumbiaJim Cotter222.416
 AlbertaBrendan Bottcher220.357
 AlbertaPat Simmons200.611
 ManitobaWilliam Lyburn160.289
 SaskatchewanShaun Meachem135.862
 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard135.366
 OntarioMark Bice117.373
 ManitobaMatt Dunstone115.401
 Nova ScotiaJamie Murphy109.776
 OntarioScott Bailey100.421
 OntarioMark Kean99.958
 ManitobaAlex Forrest98.188
 OntarioGreg Balsdon97.861
 British ColumbiaDean Joanisse97.629
 SaskatchewanBruce Korte96.609
 AlbertaMick Lizmore93.886
Member Association Skip Points[17]
 OntarioRachel Homan583.708
 ManitobaJennifer Jones425.936
 AlbertaValerie Sweeting347.276
 AlbertaChelsea Carey308.311
 ManitobaKerri Einarson289.274
 AlbertaKelsey Rocque263.221
 Northern OntarioTracy Fleury239.879
 SaskatchewanStefanie Lawton212.449
 Northern OntarioKrista McCarville187.920
 ManitobaKristy McDonald183.786
 OntarioAllison Flaxey175.063
 OntarioSherry Middaugh153.789
 OntarioJacqueline Harrison145.379
 SaskatchewanMichelle Englot125.749
 OntarioJulie Tippin118.627
 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink107.388
 ManitobaBarb Spencer105.799
 ManitobaDarcy Robertson103.154
 ManitobaJoelle Brown93.499
 Prince Edward IslandSuzanne Birt93.495
 Nova ScotiaTheresa Breen91.326
 AlbertaCasey Scheidegger87.259
 ManitobaMichelle Montford86.648
 Nova ScotiaJill Brothers86.426
 OntarioCathy Auld85.814


Member Association Skip Points[18]
 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue520.532
 ManitobaReid Carruthers404.461
 Northern OntarioBrad Jacobs393.266
 ManitobaMike McEwen340.698
 OntarioJohn Epping331.505
 AlbertaKevin Koe330.395
 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock299.038
 British ColumbiaJohn Morris275.034
 AlbertaBrendan Bottcher205.833
 AlbertaCharley Thomas199.584
 OntarioGlenn Howard185.301
 ManitobaMatt Dunstone173.781
 ManitobaJason Gunnlaugson166.260
 OntarioGreg Balsdon165.608
 SaskatchewanAdam Casey165.408
 SaskatchewanBruce Korte149.584
 OntarioDayna Deruelle139.730
 ManitobaWilliam Lyburn129.666
 OntarioMark Bice124.506
 ManitobaDennis Bohn111.476
 Nova ScotiaStuart Thompson103.758
 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard103.134
 Nova ScotiaJamie Murphy102.068
 SaskatchewanKody Hartung92.983
 ManitobaBraden Calvert92.683
Member Association Skip Points[19]
 OntarioRachel Homan455.229
 ManitobaJennifer Jones397.079
 OntarioAllison Flaxey341.057
 AlbertaValerie Sweeting325.544
 AlbertaCasey Scheidegger303.570
 ManitobaMichelle Englot264.412
 Northern OntarioTracy Fleury224.897
 OntarioSherry Middaugh192.222
 AlbertaChelsea Carey189.416
 OntarioJacqueline Harrison184.335
 OntarioJulie Tippin181.782
 AlbertaKelsey Rocque169.835
 ManitobaKerri Einarson160.943
 Northern OntarioKrista McCarville158.340
 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink157.554
 AlbertaNadine Chyz154.747
 British ColumbiaKarla Thompson138.616
 ManitobaBriane Meilleur134.790
 ManitobaShannon Birchard109.329
 ManitobaDarcy Robertson104.364
 OntarioCathy Auld93.548
 OntarioHeather Heggestad93.218
 SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle92.713
 Nova ScotiaJill Brothers92.165
 British ColumbiaDiane Gushulak91.853


Member Association Skip Points[20]
 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue521.230
 AlbertaKevin Koe457.629
 ManitobaMike McEwen378.888
 Northern OntarioBrad Jacobs289.034
 AlbertaBrendan Bottcher283.098
 ManitobaJason Gunnlaugson276.286
 ManitobaReid Carruthers270.599
 OntarioJohn Epping260.527
 OntarioGlenn Howard229.770
 ManitobaPat Simmons164.408
 SaskatchewanSteve Laycock151.647
 SaskatchewanColton Flasch146.269
 OntarioCodey Maus143.417
 OntarioGreg Balsdon133.531
 ManitobaWilliam Lyburn132.245
 Northern OntarioTanner Horgan120.528
 British ColumbiaJohn Morris116.886
 SaskatchewanAdam Casey114.362
 ManitobaJ. T. Ryan111.672
 OntarioMark Kean110.680
 QuebecJean-Michel Ménard106.926
 ManitobaBraden Calvert106.053
 Nova ScotiaJamie Murphy98.695
 QuebecJean-Sébastien Roy97.600
 QuebecMartin Ferland94.367
Member Association Skip Points[21]
 ManitobaJennifer Jones498.079
 OntarioRachel Homan372.294
 AlbertaChelsea Carey367.848
 ManitobaKerri Einarson357.686
 AlbertaKelsey Rocque232.502
 AlbertaValerie Sweeting201.288
 AlbertaCasey Scheidegger194.359
 ManitobaDarcy Robertson190.691
 ManitobaMichelle Englot182.728
 Northern OntarioTracy Fleury140.539
 OntarioJulie Tippin130.737
 Northern OntarioKrista McCarville121.016
 ManitobaShannon Birchard116.257
 OntarioSherry Middaugh114.680
 OntarioJacqueline Harrison112.482
 OntarioAllison Flaxey104.036
 ManitobaBriane Meilleur101.914
 SaskatchewanPenny Barker97.133
 OntarioSusan Froud97.113
 OntarioHollie Duncan96.539
 AlbertaShannon Kleibrink95.446
 Nova ScotiaMary-Anne Arsenault91.387
 OntarioChrissy Cadorin84.898
 OntarioCathy Auld83.915
 SaskatchewanChantelle Eberle78.403


Member Association Skip Points[22]
 AlbertaKevin Koe512.335
 AlbertaBrendan Bottcher494.058
 Northern OntarioBrad Jacobs405.980
 OntarioJohn Epping362.112
 Newfoundland and LabradorBrad Gushue336.934
 OntarioGlenn Howard294.349
 SaskatchewanMatt Dunstone286.121
 ManitobaReid Carruthers255.036
 OntarioScott McDonald228.957
 ManitobaJason Gunnlaugson208.432
 SaskatchewanKirk Muyres195.148
 ManitobaBraden Calvert179.398
 AlbertaKarsten Sturmay154.450
 OntarioCharley Thomas148.854
 SaskatchewanKody Hartung127.267
 ManitobaTanner Lott125.304
 OntarioJohn Willsey124.672
 Northern OntarioTanner Horgan114.965
 Nova ScotiaStuart Thompson108.469
 British ColumbiaJim Cotter103.202
 QuebecMichael Fournier102.237
 OntarioPat Ferris102.022
 ManitobaDennis Bohn101.561
 ManitobaTy Dilello100.518
 OntarioWayne Tuck Jr.98.745
Member Association Skip Points[23]
 OntarioRachel Homan529.715
 ManitobaKerri Einarson496.955
 ManitobaJennifer Jones362.646
 AlbertaChelsea Carey323.572
 AlbertaCasey Scheidegger276.421
 SaskatchewanRobyn Silvernagle274.663
 ManitobaTracy Fleury259.809
 ManitobaDarcy Robertson200.181
 AlbertaLaura Walker178.703
 ManitobaAllison Flaxey154.618
 OntarioJestyn Murphy151.581
 AlbertaKelsey Rocque150.399
 OntarioJacqueline Harrison149.774
 OntarioHollie Duncan132.513
 British ColumbiaCorryn Brown128.842
 OntarioJulie Tippin128.504
 British ColumbiaSarah Wark118.928
 Prince Edward IslandSuzanne Birt116.730
 ManitobaBeth Peterson115.831
 ManitobaJennifer Clark-Rouire114.815
 OntarioCathy Auld112.037
 SaskatchewanAmber Holland109.709
 SaskatchewanKristen Streifel108.615
 SaskatchewanSherry Anderson108.094
 Northern OntarioKrista McCarville104.675

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