CSR Corporation Limited

CSR Corp., Ltd., formerly known as China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corp., Ltd. was a Chinese manufacturer of locomotive and rolling stock.

CSR Corporation Limited
China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited
Traded as
Predecessormajor assets of CSR Group
Founded28 December 2007[1]
Defunct1 June 2015
Area served
China, exported Worldwide
OwnerCSR Group
ParentCSR Group

In 2015, the company merged with China CNR Corp., Ltd. to form CRRC Corp., Ltd..


In 2007 the China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CSR) was formed.[2] as a special purpose vehicle for potential initial public offering for the major assets of state-owned CSR Group. Some auxiliary assets were left in the group and remained unlisted.

The company's H shares were first traded on the Hong-Kong stock market on 21 August 2008, the company's A shares began trading on the 18 August 2008.[3] The shares also began trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August; $1.57 billion was raised in the share offers.[4][5] A 40% stake in the company was offered in total on the two exchanges.[6]

On 26 December 2011, CSR announced that it had successfully tested a super high speed train that was capable of traveling at 500 km/h.[7][8]

In February 2014, CSR acquired the Argentine rolling stock manufacturer Emprendimientos Ferroviarios.[9][10]


At the end of 2014 CSR and its rival CNR announced their intention to merge, with a 1:1 share swap; the resultant company (value ~$26billion) was to be named CRRC.[11][12] The two companies formally merged on 1 June 2015.[13]

Company structure and subsidiaries

At the time of the restructuring and share issue in 2008 the company had 20 subsidiaries:

Manufacturing and maintenance
  • CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd., R&D and manufacture of electric propulsion and control, suspension and noise reducing elements, polymer composites and insulators.[14]
  • CSR Qishuyan Locomotive & Rolling Stock Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., R&D of mechanical transmissions, brakes, shock absorbers and manufacturing techniques.[14]
Export and leasing
  • New Leap Transportation Equipment Investment & Leasing Co., Ltd., investment in, leasing, sale, and technical support of rail vehicles.[14] (Renamed CSR Investment and Leasing on 2 December 2008)[15]
  • CSR (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. based in Hong Kong was formed as 100% subsidiary in 2008.[16]

Joint ventures

Manufacturing and products

The main factories for the manufacture of locomotives are installed in Zhuzhou (electric locomotives), Ziyang, Luoyang, Xiangfan (diesel locomotives), Qishuyan, and Chengdu (the latter two also producing carriages). Carriages are built in factories in Nanjing, Zhuzhou, Beijing, Meishan, Wuchang, Tongling, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Guiyang. The company has two research institutes in Zhuzhou and Qishuyan.


Main models manufactured:

  • Electric locomotives:
    • Type TM1
    • Type KZ4A high-speed
    • Type DJ2 "Olympic star"
    • SS series, including SS3, SS4, SS6, SS8, SS9 and their varieties
    • AC4000 test bed
    • Type HXD1 "Harmony": Orders have been placed for 1710 units and production capacity has been increased to 800 units per year.[17]
  • EMUs
    • High-speed train "China Star"
    • High-speed train "Central China Star"
  • Diesel locomotives
    • Qishuyan-built diesels for Guinea
    • Type DF4B, DF4C, DF4D and varieties
    • Type DF5B
    • Type DF8B and varieties
    • Type DF11 and DF11G for passenger trains
    • Type DF12 Shunter
    • Diesel-hydraulic locomotives DFH 3 and DFH 5
    • Yard shunters GK & GKD series, in several gauges ranging from 762 to 1435 mm.
  • DMUs
    • Type DDJ1

The firm also built subway trains, particularly for networks in Shanghai Metro and Beijing Metro.


  • In October 2008, China Southern Locomotive won a contract worth nearly $100 million from Kazakhstan, its third contract since entering that country's market in 2002.[18]
  • CSR supplies diesel-multiple units to Sri Lanka Railways. In 2008, CSR began exporting short-haul DMUs to Sri Lanka, for use on commuter-rail services. As of 2011, long-haul units are currently on order.[19]
  • CSR also won a contract worth $391 million from Turkey to produce 324 vehicles for the Ankara Metro. It is envisaged that 75 of the 324 wagons will have at least 30% domestically manufacturer content while the remaining wagons will have 51%.[20]
  • On 22 October 2012, South Africa awarded a tender for 95 electric locomotives to CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive works. The plan is part of a R4 trillion (US$462 billion) infrastructure improvement project in the country.[21]
  • In 2013, Argentine state-owned company Trenes Argentinos announced that CSR electric multiple units had been acquired for metropolitan services of Buenos Aires. That included 300 cars for Roca Line,[22][23] and 709 cars for Sarmiento and Mitre lines.[24][25]
  • Baghdad–Basra high-speed rail line[26]

A joint venture between CSRC and Australian-based United Group manufactured MTR with 21 Phase IV LRV cars delivered in 2009.


In June 2016 the CSR along with members of the Gupta family were accused of trying to improperly influence the awarding of a R51 billion (US$6 billion) 2012 contract for CSR to deliver 600 trains to the South African Passenger Rail Agency.[27][28] It was later reported that the future South African Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane was also allegedly implicated in the deal when she worked as Counselor Immigration and Civic Services in South Africa's embassy in China.[29][30]

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