CMJ Holdings Corp. was a music events and online media company which ran a website, hosted an annual festival in New York City, and published CMJ New Music Monthly and CMJ New Music Report.

GenreMedia company
FounderRobert Haber
HeadquartersNew York City, New York
ProductsMusic events, magazines 

History and operations

The company was started by Robert Haber in 1978 as the College Media Journal, a bi-weekly trade magazine aimed at college radio programmers[1] and became CMJ New Music Report in 1982.[2] published top-30 lists sent to them by radio stations, which subscribed at a cost of a few hundred dollars a year. CMJ formerly published these lists in CMJ New Music Report, CMJ's trade publication. The magazine moved to an online only format and was released weekly as a digital PDF magazine until it folded in 2017[3]. It also published CMJ New Music Monthly, which was a magazine with interviews, reviews, and special features.

On January 5, 2004, CMJ New Music Report published a 25th anniversary double issue[4] led by an editorial staff that included editor-in-chief Kevin Kerry Boyce, and managing editors Louis Miller and Doug Levy. The issue featured The White Stripes on the cover in a photograph captured by art director Drew Goren; the magazine named the band's 2003 release, Elephant (album), its Album of the Year.

From 1980 through 2015, staff organized the CMJ Music Marathon, a convention and music festival, each autumn, in New York. A second festival, the CMJ Rock Hall Music Fest, took place in Cleveland in 2005 and 2006; in April 2007, organizers canceled the event, citing strains on financial and staffing resources.[5]

CMJ New Music Monthly

CMJ New Music Monthly was a monthly music magazine with interviews, reviews, and special features published from 1993[6] to 2009. Each issue included a compact disc with 15 to 24 songs by well established bands, unsigned bands, and everything in between. As of issue 156 (1112 using the CMJ New Music Report numbering), dated June 20, 2009, the magazine ceased operation, and subscribers had their remaining issues replaced by the CMJ New Music Report with a music compilation available online.[7] By April 2010, it stopped delivering CMJ New Music Report to its subscribers.[8]


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