CLiki is an open source wiki application written in Common Lisp, that was under development from 2002 to 2005.

Stable release
0.4.4 / May 28, 2005 (2005-05-28)[1]
TypeWiki software

CLiki was first presented at the International Lisp Conference 2002.[2][3] CLiki was the first wiki variant to introduce so called "free links", using the _(free link format) as an alternative to the much-criticized CamelCase.

The CLiki program is free software licensed under the MIT license. It runs under SBCL and uses the Araneida Common Lisp web server.

CLiki also operates a homepage using the software that is dedicated to the subject of Common Lisp.


Since 2011, a new version of Cliki (named Cliki2) was developed by Vladimir Sedach and Andrey Moskvitin,[4] with major features around spam prevention. Other major features are:

  • Araneida was replaced with Hunchentoot
  • Real article deletion and undeletion
  • Code coloring using cl-colorize
  • Working list of uncategorized/orphan articles
  • Pages that work well in text browsers (and hopefully screen readers)


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