CGR class C1 and C1a

The CGR class C1 and C1a were steam locomotives of the Garratt type built by Beyer, Peacock and Company for the Ceylon Government Railways (CGR), now Sri Lanka Railways. The Class C1 prototype was built in 1928 and was followed by 8 Class C1a locomotives in 1946. The C1a class was converted to oil firing between 1950 and 1954.[1]

Ceylon Government Railways Class C1 and C1a
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderBeyer, Peacock and Company
Serial numberC1, 6410
C1a, 7160-7167
Build dateC1, 1928
C1a, 1946
Gauge5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm)
Length74 ft 2 in (22.61 m)
Loco weightC1, 122 long tons (124 t)
C1a, 128 long tons (130 t)
Fuel typeCoal
Fuel capacityC1, 7 long tons (7.1 t)
C1a, 6 long tons (6.1 t)
Water capC1, 4,000 imp gal (18,000 l)
C1a 3,510 imp gal (16,000 l)
CylindersFour, outside
Cylinder size16 in × 22 in (406 mm × 559 mm)
Valve gearWalschaerts, piston valves

CGR numbers

  • C1, 241 (total 1)
  • C1A, 343-50 (total 8)


Dimensions are shown in the table (right). Particulars of the boilers are not known but it is likely that the C1a had a significantly bigger boiler than the C1. The evidence for this is that the C1a was 6 long tons (6.1 t; 6.7 short tons) tons heavier than the C1, although it carried 1 long ton (1.02 t; 1.12 short tons) less fuel and about 2 long tons (2.03 t; 2.24 short tons) less water.

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