CD Alcoyano

Club Deportivo Alcoyano, S.A.D. is a Spanish football team based in Alcoy, in the autonomous community of Valencia. Founded in 1928 it plays in Tercera División[1], holding home games in Estadio El Collao, with a 4,850-seat capacity.[2] The team is also known by its name in Valencian, Alcoià.

Full nameClub Deportivo Alcoyano
Founded13 September 1928
GroundEl Collao, Alcoy,
Valencian Community, Spain
PresidentJuan Serrano
Head coachVicente Parras
LeagueTercera División
2018–192ªB – Group 3, 16th (relegated)

A simile exists in Spanish which includes the name of this football club, "Tener más moral que el Alcoyano" ("To have more morale than Alcoyano"). The phrase possibly originated in the 1950s, when Alcoyano were losing a game by 0–13 at home but never gave up, still trying hard to score at the end of the match. However, this is disputed by some historians, with the origins being somewhat unclear.[3] The official anthem of the club is "La moral del Alcoyano" (Alcoyano moral), music by Miguel Peidró and Jaime Lloret and lyrics by Armando Santacreu. It was composed in 1979 for the 50th anniversary of the club. In 2004, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the club, the music was modernized and the anthem performed by the singer José Zamora.[4]


Club Deportivo Alcoyano saw the light in 1928, after a merger between two clubs in the city, Levante and Racing. However, it only joined the Royal Spanish Football Federation four years later.

In 1942, the club first reached the Segunda División, going on to alternate between that level and the top flight in the subsequent years. Their debut in the latter took place with a 2–3 home loss against Real Murcia, in an eventual relegation, as second from bottom. In that season the club got only 8 points and conceded 28 goals in 14 games played, the worst result among 8 teams.[5] For the first time in history Alcoyano reached La Liga, first Spanish division, in 1945 by winning Segunda División.[6]

In 1947–48, Alcoyano maintained its first division status for the only time in its history, even finishing higher than Real Madrid. That season was the best in Alcoyano's history – the club finished in 10th position in La Liga[6]. The following forty years, however, were spent mainly in the third and fourth divisions, with very brief spells in level two. In the 1953-54 season Alcoyano was relegated to the Tercera División for the first time in its history.[6] In the 1954-55 season the club reached first place in the Group 10 of Tercera División, but failed to promote back to Segunda División B.[7]

Alcoyano returned to the third category for 2004–05, consistently reached the promotion play-offs, and consistently failed to be promoted. In the 2005–06 season, the team also had a good run in the Spanish Cup, beating RCD Mallorca 4–1 and losing by just one goal (0–1) in the fourth round against Atlético Madrid.

In June 2011, 42 years after, Alcoyano finally returned to the second division, after finishing in third position in the regular season, and disposing of Real Madrid Castilla, SD Eibar and CD Lugo in the promotion playoffs. However, the club spent only one season in the second division and relegated back to Segunda División B.[8] On August 1, 2014, the club completed the transformation process into "Public Limited Sports Company" (Sociedad Anónima Deportiva).[6]

In the 2018-19 season the club finished 16th in the Segunda División B, Group 3, close to the relegation place.[9]

Season to season

Season Level Division Place Copa del Rey
1941/42 3 Regional 1st
1942/43 2 8th
1943/44 2 4th
1944/45 2 1st
1945/46 1 13th
1946/47 2 1st
1947/48 1 10th
1948/49 1 13th
1949/50 2 1st
1950/51 1 15th
1951/52 2 3rd
1952/53 2 7th
1953/54 2 14th
1954/55 3 1st
1955/56 3 4th
1956/57 3 1st
1957/58 2 18th
1958/59 3 5th
1959/60 3 6th
1960/61 3 3rd
Season Level Division Place Copa del Rey
1961/62 3 2nd
1962/63 3 2nd
1963/64 3 9th
1964/65 3 3rd
1965/66 3 6th
1966/67 3 1st
1967/68 2 3rd
1968/69 2 13th
1969/70 3 3rd
1970/71 3 6th
1971/72 3 4th
1972/73 3 7th
1973/74 3 16th
1974/75 4 Regional 2nd
1975/76 4 Regional 2nd
1976/77 4 Regional 2nd
1977/78 4 4th
1978/79 4 4th
1979/80 4 10th
1980/81 4 5th
Season Level Division Place Copa del Rey
1981/82 4 1st
1982/83 3 2ªB 7th
1983/84 3 2ªB 8th
1984/85 3 2ªB 8th
1985/86 3 2ªB 5th
1986/87 3 2ªB 12th
1987/88 3 2ªB 10th
1988/89 3 2ªB 9th
1989/90 3 2ªB 4th
1990/91 3 2ªB 4th
1991/92 3 2ªB 9th
1992/93 3 2ªB 14th
1993/94 3 2ªB 9th
1994/95 3 2ªB 8th
1995/96 3 2ªB 17th
1996/97 4 1st
1997/98 4 7th
1998/99 4 3rd
1999/00 4 12th
2000/01 4 17th
Season Level Division Place Copa del Rey
2001/02 4 10th
2002/03 4 5th
2003/04 4 2nd
2004/05 3 2ªB 7th
2005/06 3 2ªB 5th
2006/07 3 2ªB 3rd
2007/08 3 2ªB 9th
2008/09 3 2ªB 1st
2009/10 3 2ªB 4th
2010/11 3 2ªB 3rd Second round
2011/12 2 21st Third round
2012/13 3 2ªB 4th Round of 32
2013/14 3 2ªB 6th First round
2014/15 3 2ªB 6th Round of 32
2015/16 3 2ªB 6th First round
2016/17 3 2ªB 2nd Second round
2017/18 3 2ªB 13th Second round
2018/19 3 2ªB 16th

Current squad

As of 31 January 2019[10]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
GK Miguel Bañuz
GK Javi Ortega
DF Carlos Barreda
DF David Córcoles
DF Franck Fomeyem
DF Antonio Navarro (captain)
DF Tomás Ruso
MF Michael Anaba
MF Carlos de Lerma
MF Primi Férriz (on loan from Elche)
MF Yvan Gombo
No. Position Player
MF Eldin Hadžić
MF José Hermosa
MF Miguel Ángel Nieto
MF Franck Omgba
MF Vicente Pérez
MF Bryan Reyna (on loan from Mallorca)
FW Óscar Díaz
FW Hernán Lino
FW Braulio Nóbrega
FW Antonio Pino
FW Rubio

Out on loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
GK Maximiliano Jorge (at Novelda until 30 June 2019)
MF Nebil Ibáñez (at Mar Menor until 30 June 2019)
FW Chaim Roserie (at Novelda until 30 June 2019)

Famous players

Note: this list includes players that have played at least 100 league games and/or have reached international status.

Famous coaches


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